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Well, November’s update a little early as I’m gong to be busy next couple weeks.

We’ve certainly got a lot of mileage out of boats this year. This is probably the fifth or sixth relevant update. I don’t really remember what prompted me to draw this series (obviously the boats did, but I’m referring to the fact that I basically never draw 4koma about “The Adventures of D and J”, regardless of whatever stupidly funny things we do), but here it is in it’s full three-page glory.

J agrees that, for the most part, this accurately depicts all the silliness that went with the first boating outing (except for maybe the “pew” on the propeller thing). I think J also agrees that the drawings relatively accurately depict the physical state of me and him…


dcomic a49


This month on Nonsense Wars…

J should actually be pretty much done with classes now. Hopefully we’ll see an update from him.

This is the last page of Pieces! Very much like the end of the NW arc, it’s very late, but that’s only partially my fault this time.

Having been able to sit on this for a while, I actually still think that this is the longest I’ve been satisfied with a short story (or even a long story) like this after I’ve written it (this was actually finished before the academic year). At the same time, that may just be because I haven’t drawn crap since then. There’s too much other shit to do, and J’s slacking off hasn’t helped much either – I daresay usually I feel much more motivated to do my own drawing when he says he’s working on his.

This is really random, but I was doing some space de-fragmenting in my room, and managed to break the nose piece off of the Kagurazaka. When I was putting it back together it occurred to me just how long that thing has been around. The last referenced post in the search link indicates that it was complete in January of 2006. That’s more than half a decade!

It’s a little less surprising that this year marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11. It’s more surprising that it’s been 8 years since Columbia. Or even more surprising that the 2000 Concorde crash was 11 years ago (somehow that always seems like it happened much after 9/11). I actually listened to the captain of Flight 1549 talk on the radio the other day.

Well, that’s probably it for now. It’s crunch time this quarter.

dcomic a48


This is, I think, by far the longest we’ve gone without an update since high school (about a month since the last update). I’ve more or less given up on kicking J to update, and am just updating when he does. Obviously I’m just taking the blame off me. So we’re not really officially dead yet, just very much in limbo as these sorts of things generally turn out to be.

… and so here’s the second last page of Pieces. As expected, I still haven’t actually drawn anything significant since then, so in a way I’m glad we have this “break”. Those paintings I mentioned a month ago never happened either. I’m not too sure why I didn’t have the time over break (for all the past breaks I can remember I’ve always had the time and inspiration to do at least one) – I had the sketches and all ready – but it just didn’t happen.

Instead (well maybe not outright instead of painting), I replaced my trusty E6400 with a T400 in the same spontaneous way I replaced my TC4200 with my X200T.

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dcomic a47


I daresay, I’ve been slacking almost as much on this as J has recently. I can see how it can be hard for J to post if he’s always as swamped as I was this quarter, but at the same time I think I could have made time to update if I’d really wanted to.

We’re almost at the end of Pieces and I still don’t have a plan for going ahead with anything. This might get dicey really fast. It doesn’t help that I actually still haven’t drawn anything this quarter, and I still have to study for a test on Thursday. I bet I’ll have [i]some[/i] kind of crap to do over break too. If someone could actually give me a storyboard to draw, I think I’d actually be motivated.

I will probably be trying to do some experimental painting instead of comics, though. I have something in mind that I’ve been meaning to try for a while (aka since the start of the quarter), but obviously it just hasn’t happened. Business on the eBay side has been doing well, so that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing instead, I suppose.

Urgh, I guess that’s it again?

dcomic a46


Now that J’s finally written another update, I’m motivated to write one myself. This could again be the last post in a _very_ long time, given J’s recent track record. At the time same time, I haven’t really had a chance to draw anything since more than two weeks ago. Somehow it’s effectively turned out that I have three project classes, so it’s kind of been rough, especially when two are group.

That’s really it. That’s how much life sucks right now.