So. I’m very lazy these days. Summer is like a repressive burden that kinda slows you down in anything and everything… Makes you lazy. I have a bunch of these paintings which I have never posted. I’m just going to go through the lot of them, that’ll give me another four weeks of updates. Maybe I’ll decide to draw sometime between now and then.

I’ve given up on a “painting process” rant. It’d be just like a tutorial, and I’m not keen on writing a tutorial. Especially on a method that I’m not at all terribly adept at. The gist of it is to use as few “features” as possible, and just keep to the brush. Plus this “tutorial” would be in OpenCanvas, which… few people use.

I do have another rant that I’ve been meaning to write (For MONTHS now), but I really don’t feel like gathering all miscellaneous pictures and stuff needed for it, and then scanning it all. Again, it’s also just a consolidation of a bunch of previously spoken, random material.

The header on this site says “Updated weekly” for a reason. It’s “Updated weekly” as opposed to updated on a certain day.



I hope J doesn’t mind that I tweaked the index. I was sick of my integrated rant-updates (TM) being centered. Plus, that old rant box (which should actually now be moved right below the image so it looks like ALL my updates are integrated rant-updates (TM)) with its “No rant” label became obsolete with my integrated rant-update (TM).

I learned something new this weekend. When shading or coloring, the darkest part of the shading is NOT the farthest area from the light source, but approximately the area where the light area meets the dark area. I’m not quite sure why, and I totally thought that guy was bluffing, but I’ve been looking at some references, and lo and behold, whatever I just mentioned was right. That’s gonna be a pain to get used to.

The current picture is a redo of C04xxxx, which I completed shortly before the first version of this site was launched (Dang, that’s only about a year and a half). That was my second colored [I don’t want to say “piece” or “work”], this one is not.

[Five minute break]

So I was thinking about writing about my exploits playing Disgaea, and then I totally thought of a really, really, really good rant topic. But I totally need a whole weeks’ worth of rant space to do it, so it isn’t going to be now. I’m updating now because this week is gonna be a pain week. I can feel it. So I’ll get this out of the way now.

d65 – Gunslinger Girl Fanart


Ok, let’s see if I can one up J.

This illustration has nothing to do with Christmas. It’s a Gunslinger Girl fanart I started in October, but never had the chance to finish. I had a partially complete, cell shaded version of this picture, but I decided not to complete it. I couldn’t get crisp enough lines cell shading with a mouse, so I opted for something not so neat.

This is done in Open Canvas 0.68. Everytime I use that program, I’m more appreciative of it. All the effects are controlled by these three little sliding things, and I’ve never figured out exactly how they work – I never got a manual to go with this thing, and I’ve never bothered to look it up. Someday I’ll learn to use this thing, but for now, in the interest of time and for the lack of skill, you’ll have to live with this somewhat sloppy work.

This lineart is in pen, too.