J291 – 1-Up

Happy new year everyone!

This was a random 4koma idea I’ve had sitting around since who-knows-when. The professor is just a throwaway character, but he sure was fun to draw.

Also, the CO-O tag returns!

Also, gonna leave you guys with this rather smoothly fan-animated video.


J289 – Chicken Noodle

A horrible pun I’ve been wanting to make for a long time. The first two panels actually happened last Monday. I did this comic without any computer processing other than some minor brightness/contrast balancing.

The foodtruck where the first part of the exchange happened. It’s good cheap fare, for any of you who are in Cambridge.

More authentic red “PHOOOOO” version.

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J286 – Contingency Plan ; Jingle

This is an old, old in-joke. Really old. As in J-and-D-were-in-elementary-school old. The two of us would come up with stories (mentioned briefly here), and occasionally there would be a need for some random object or something like that. To explain how the heroes got these things in the middle of nowhere (and I have no idea why we came up with this), we created 3-Second Delivery: If you called the phone number (1-2-3), you could get anything you wanted delivered within 3 seconds. I had this really old drawing of the original 3-Second Delivery vehicle, but I’m not sure where it went off to.

Anyway, I’m sorry for having totally dropped the ball on updating lately; the start of term has been … interesting. I’ll try to post more frequently, even if it’s just silly sketches or whatever, okay?

Oh, and this mini-arc isn’t done yet. (It’s been a while since we had one of these, hasn’t it?) See you all next week! (at the latest)

J284 – Manual Override

This one was inspired by a conversation with Sam, but for some reason it’s taken me several months to actually turn it into a comic. It’s been done with “greyscale bucketing” color technique, seen in this update. (By the way, “Bad Apple” in that update is a reference to this). Again, it’s done by first pencilling in red, inking, then taking out the red digitally. Erasing the red is a pain is really hard though, so I’m looking for alternatives to the red mechanical pencil lead I’ve been using. I’ve seen some “erasable colored pencils” in the supermarket, which might be a worthwhile investment just to see if they work.

The other alternative I’m considering is erasable pens. I used them in elementary school, and they were horrible then, but the modern ones seem to erase decently, so I want to try them out.

But yeah, not having to erase the whole drawing (as is the case with ordinary pencil lineart) is pretty awesome.