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*crawls out of jungle wearing military camo and helmet* ALRIGHTY! Gah! Sorry readers, our hosting expired, but we got it renewed, after a while. Man, that was really a mess. Plus, I went and got this other hosting, but nooo, D-san just had to renew his. Fine, be that way, D-san.

I also want to apologize for lack of updates while we were sorting things out. So, I’ll have something “good” on Monday, okay? Thank you!

By the way, I am back from my trip. You knew that, right?


12 – The Call (animated) || Detail


Well, since no one told me what strip they wanted, I just went ahead and animated “The Call”. Here it is, starring the voice talents of D-san as himself. Alrighty. I will improve my animation technique for when I post another one of these, but expect a normal comic for Friday. Now, I must go work on the art, or I’ll never finish. Good night.


And so, I left off in 1998 in my last random train of thought, when J-san and I first started doing comics in a crappy, generic shapes attached to each other in generic ways, style. This style is WORSE than the first panel of the October 1st comic. Actually, it’s the same style, just less refined.

For four years, I don’t do anything in terms of improving my comic art. That’s right, four years. In those four years I worked on doing machines, and they got better, but the comics still sucked. Yes, that means crappy art and crappy punchlines. If I was less lazy right now, I’d fire up that scanner and show some of my old stuff.

And, the second pivotal date is April of 2003. That’s when I picked up a copy of Clamp’s Chobits, and thought, ‘Holy crap, my comics suck’. And then I was bit by the manga bug. So that means I tried to draw manga, after having worked with an awful style in the past four years. I do have an example of my second generation manga works here [100613: New link].

And yes, it would continue to suck for another year and a quarter. Third generation was the beginning of Starcrossed and SC ended with fourth generation stuff. I started assembling the comics in PSP at this time as well.

and then there was Reflection, the complete work of which is in the gallery, and that was actually consistent in style and mechanics, though both were bad. Obviously I did not place in RSOM 4. I have a certificate to prove it.

Blah, blah, blah. I’m pushing sixth generation manga now with some improved facial anatomy. So you know what, if my art ain’t great (And I know in the eyes of a lot of ppl who know what they are doing, it isn’t) it’s only because I’ve only been doing this for a year and a half.

What was the point of the last two rants? To tell more of my life’s story. Joy. These crappy rants must be the reason why we get so few hits.