J263 – Coloring Experiment: Chips Don’t Lie

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[12/14/2009] Finals week~ I only have two this year, but they’re pretty brutal. The first one was kinda eh, and the one on Wednesday …

Let’s just say it’s thermodynamics, and leave it at that, k?

Anyway, here’s another coloring experiment. It’s a very painterly style (I was advised by one of my friends; her art style comes through a bit here), with a lot of color variation, etc.

I’m beginning to think that painterly stuff doesn’t suit me. My drawing style’s kind of simple anyway, so trying to use this sort of style is a bit … pretentious? I think I’ll try going all the way in the other direction (total cel-shading style) as another experiment …

This post was going to be accompanied by a parody of Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie”, but finals intervened. Sorry!

Live Action Paintchat

[8/20/2009] Sorry for the delay, everyone. My laptop’s hard disk decided to go funny on me, so I’m typing this on another computer while I’m trying to fix it.

Anyway, today’s update is a “Live-Action Paintchat” that Derek and I did a few weekends ago while taking a break from watching Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai. We took a large sheet of paper (27″ x 34″) and went at it with nothing more than #2 pencils and Cray*la markers! Of course, the markers hadn’t been used in several years, so most of them had gone bad — note the scribbles near the bottom of the image as we tried to figure out which markers were still usable. It was a lot of (immature) fun getting those “kiddie” markers to work for our purposes, but it seems like something good to try again (this time with a set of more functional markers, hopefully).

Desktop-size resolution of today’s update here!

P.S.: This past weekend I was in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. While I was there, I spotted the following bench:

Not too far away was this:

Nice … Bench?

Failand Paintchat

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[7/27/2009] So, Derek and I finally did another paintchat. Our objective this time was to fill as much white space as possible; click above to see the result.

We went into this with a theme to be as random as possible (I was thinking stuff in the vein of Looney Bin Chronicles, still one of my absolute favorite things I’ve ever drawn); we failed at that, then failed at drawing, then drew about fail, then somehow wound up with something that was kinda epic.

Yeah, expand the image to full size and look around. There’s a lot of stupid/cute little jokes hidden in there…

J237 – Nonsense Wars Business Card 2009

[5/13/2009] So, neither of us updated last week. Whoops. My excuse: I had two different projects due: A flash game I was making for one class and participating in a teleoperated robotics contest that is the predecessor of the well-known F*RST R***tics competition. Also, my computer suffered some sort of error making internet unusable, so I spent much of last week fixing it.

Anyway, today’s update is the Nonsense Wars “buisness” card we’ll be handing out at Fanime this year. I designed it with an eye towards the old site header bar:

We’ll probably have to play with the colors to get it to print properly. Also, I had to fake the metal effect on the “WARS” (Derek ran a filter last time, apparently), so it’s a bit different. Still, I like the composition and the way it turned out. I think I’m improving a bit with respect to coloring in OpenCanvas. Which is helpful, as I’ll need to turn out a few more colored works before Fanime rolls around…

J231 – Mechanized 518

[3/16/2009] As predicted, here’s a colored sketch of 518. I actually drew the sketch in January and was going to color it in then, but Maslab interfered.

Anyway, the crab-claw always struck me as something that might look good mechanized, so that was the motivation for this sketch. Also, I was inspired by this image, which I should probably set as my desktop wallpaper at some point (unfortunately, the original is in an awkward size).

Coloring-wise, I tried to make more of an effort to have a defined light source (suggested somewhat by the background), but I don’t think it came across that well. I’ve still got a ways to go, I guess. More coloring practice!

Until next week, Take It Easy!