Boats 2011 – Death and Taxes

Now that I’m back from San Diego, I finally get to post about my boat.

This boat features a drive system known as the Voith Schneider propeller (VSP), which is those blades you see sticking out of the bottom of the ship. Wikipedia has a more detailed explanation of how the system works , but in short the system works by rotating the blades in a circle while changing their angle, in effect “scooping” water in a particular direction when the blades are not tangential to the circle they rotate in. The direction of thrust can be changed by moving a control rod that controls the center of tangency (?) of the blades (the blue dot in this diagram.)

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Hello everyone! I am recovering from strep throat~~~~~ For those of you who think I’ve missed out on the epic heat wave by being in Northern California (70s to 80s here, yay), I’ve had my own personal heat wave — in the hundreds. I sure hope I heal up soon.

So yeah, space week has been EXTENDED so that I can actually make a post. orz. This one is recycled content, albeit something I’ve never posted before.

A few years ago I went on a cruise with Sam. During the cruise we had the idea of writing (sam) and illustrating (me) a space story that was sort of in the vein of Star Trek — ship’s crew goes wandering through the universe, finds strange stuff, etc. I am temporarily naming the concept “Sam-space” because we never came up with a name for it. Today I’m going to post some concept art for some of the spacecraft from that universe.

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So, since D posted a color work, I figured I should too. I actually drew this way back in May, and for some reason never posted it until now. Behold, MIKURU BEAM!

This picture was inspired by this absolutely awesome cover of Koi no Mikuru Densetsu, the opening song to the “first episode” of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. (The cover is actually a pitched version of a NicoNico singer also known as “J”. Sadly, it’s not me. Here is a non-pitched version (no, it’s not actually by X Japan).)

And now, a how-it’s-made, because I think the process is somewhat interesting, and D has done some of these before.

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J287 – Pumpkin Carving 2010

My dorm had a pumpkin-carving event again this year! I made my own patterns, headed down to the dining hall (which isn’t actually used for dining, as there’s no kitchen), and found…

There were no pumpkin carving saws!

Essentially, pumpkin saws are a short, fine-toothed saw blade used for carving pumpkins (see here for some examples). The main advantage they have over knives is that they have a lot more finesse so you can carve detailed patterns.

So, all they had were paring knives … but as you can see I still managed to pull off the above pattern. There were some mistakes, of course … (note the pins in the wings)

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