1 – J’s Welcome || Test


Hi! I’m J-San! NOT.

Anyways, rant box is longer now. If I’m going to put avatars and shit into the box it HAS to be longer. Even my stupid shit up on the other side was almost hitting the limit. I guess we will never type as long a rant as Gallagher, eh?.

Lemme see if I can find some good avatars. They need to go right under D-San or J-San and above the rant title… Just like MT. This site takes a lot from MT if I haven’t noticed yet.



Rightio. I got stuff working here. It actually looks kinda decent with the red and the black together and all. Actually, I think I will change that date to red as well. Let me do just that…

Great, it works. A darker red will probably do better. Plus I need to get the link to change colors. Apparently colors don’t seem to work in hrefs.

Centering the header suxors. Now I got the crap to work in the hred too. This is actually quite stupid, talking to myself. No one will see this original page though it will probably stay uploaded and shit. All right, that’s it. Time to find something to put in J-San’s box. Avatars may be nice too.