d355 120610 Fate Testarossa 2012


(This is a merger of what was originally two posts)

I said last time that 2012 was a good year for painting, but it’s really an unprecedented turnaround. From a high of about 20 in 2006, the number of paintings per year (not counting test paintings, etc) had dropped to just 5 in 2011, and there weren’t really any good ones either. Bucking this trend, 2012 has seen 13 paintings in just 6 months, and there have been maybe 4 that I’ve really liked. Fate 2012 is the 4th.

This painting is more or less a flat out redraw of Fate 2008, because I’m feeling really creative these days. Unlike the original, it is faux cell-shaded; I say faux because it is really just me drawing and coloring the shaded parts in OpenCanvas. The colors are also ripped from the older painting; I’m not quite sure what I should be doing as far as choosing master/secondary colors in a cell-shade situation.

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d353 120522 Philia Phillis 2012


2012 has been a pretty good year for painting as far as recent years go. Heck, it has been a pretty good year for drawing on the whole as far as recent years go. Counting all “full” paintings I think I’ve painted more in the last four months than in the last two years combined. As such, there has also been an increase in the number of paintings that I have really liked, and maybe an increase in the rate (good paintings per number paintings) as well!

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d352 120428 Cheria Barns 2012

My second Tales of Graces painting features Cheria, who did not make it into the last one, primarily due to space constraints. The background is a hand-traced portion of the ToG logo. I don’t really believe there is anything particularly noteworthy about this painting except that the lineart is inked.

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d349 120319 Legacy Comic Redux 2012


I didn’t actually intend to write a post between the last one and the next one, but I drew stuff when I should have been studying so here it is. It’s written kind of funny in that all my rambling comes before the pics, so I’m putting the break here.

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dupdate 110715


J and I keep having style discussions that I feel like documenting and posting before all the computing stuff I usually end up writing about, so there’s going to be a ton of “out of order” updates. That being said, today’s character sketch is Mio from K-ON.

The reason I chose Phryne, Motoko, and Mio is that they’re fairly similar such that if I did a “direct” conversion of each into “my” style, I think they’d all look about the same. The point of this exercise was to try to make the conversion without getting rid of some of the subtleties that differentiate the three, the whole balance between my style, their style, and the character sort of thing.

Like I said before, whether or not this was successful, I don’t know. They all have some panels that do a fairly good job capturing character and some that, well, don’t. Despite what I say about Akamatsu’s influence, the Motoko page wasn’t actually any easier than the others. If anything the Kyoto Animation moe-blob style was the easiest to replicate. At the same time, most of my reference for the latter was from official art, whereas most of my reference for the former two was from fanart, so I had try harder to maintain a given style, etc.

This method of painting has suddenly become really charming to me, and I think I might invest some time in doing a “proper” colored work in the same way.

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