I Wanna Rock

An actual incident that happened to me when we were cleaning up the lab. We found a whole bunch of “art objects” (sculptures or models/tiny reproductions thereof) and some rock slabs that had been used in a 3-D imaging project. We sent them to MIT’s mailing list for used stuff that’s up for grabs … and by the next day almost all the rocks were gone.

This comic almost got filed with the other Real-Life Random Acts of Stupidity, except that neither D nor I did anything stupid this time. Also, I debated having a “Completely Unamused” face for the last panel, until D pointed out that “CO-O” is a signature NW pose. J’s never done it before though…


d341 111101 Boats 2011 Comics


Well, November’s update a little early as I’m gong to be busy next couple weeks.

We’ve certainly got a lot of mileage out of boats this year. This is probably the fifth or sixth relevant update. I don’t really remember what prompted me to draw this series (obviously the boats did, but I’m referring to the fact that I basically never draw 4koma about “The Adventures of D and J”, regardless of whatever stupidly funny things we do), but here it is in it’s full three-page glory.

J agrees that, for the most part, this accurately depicts all the silliness that went with the first boating outing (except for maybe the “pew” on the propeller thing). I think J also agrees that the drawings relatively accurately depict the physical state of me and him…

J291 – 1-Up

Happy new year everyone!

This was a random 4koma idea I’ve had sitting around since who-knows-when. The professor is just a throwaway character, but he sure was fun to draw.

Also, the CO-O tag returns!

Also, gonna leave you guys with this rather smoothly fan-animated video.

29 – Interruption || Last Time


Derek goes to the Arizona swim meet again. This means, the plot for Starcrossed is now one year old, since he first came up with the plot at the same meet last year. What’s really funny is that the namesake of the main character in Starcrossed hasn’t even read the whole thing yet. At least, I think not…


Well, today’s update is two days early!!! Or actually, it’s one day early, since I always update on Thursdays anyways. Why? Well, I probably won’t have internet in Arizona, or at least not at an extravagant price.

Well, let’s not go into a life story since I don’t have that much time right now, but I’ve been swimming competitively for more than four years now, and I used to REALLY dislike it, but you know, times change.

So, for the seconds year in a row, I qualified for this regional level meet in Arizona (Though only in one event, but you get freebies for making it), but don’t get the idea that that’s really good, since it isn’t. The qual time I made was one of the slower ones, proportionally, etc.

So I’ll be gone for four days, this Thursday to Sunday and back on Monday, having raced more than two miles by that time. (Yep, I do long distance – 1650, 1000, 500, 200 Free + Albeit randomly, 50 fly). Erm… yeah, not much rant there, but whatever.

Some site stuff – I should write offensive stuff more often, and make J-san fill his rant columns more often. I don’t think I made a single outright COMPLAINT anywhere in the last rant, contrary to his rant, he just interprets it that way because I pissed him off. Whee.


6 – 10% Maybe || RLRAoS 1


I got a letter from Tokyopop. Inside was a certificate thanking me for participating in RSOM4, and a letter telling me that I didn’t win. My name was written “Jason Lan” on the certificate. For those of you who don’t already know, my name is Justin Lan. You’d think that they should be able to get that small detail right, seeing as they’re a big pubishing company and all.

But that’s not the important thing. I don’t care that we (D-san and I) lost. In fact, I’m glad that we didn’t win. Those of you who haven’t already, go ahead and read Reflection, our RSOM entry. This will make the rant easier to understand.

The character named “Keno Colin” was of my creation. My first original character, and my only one for years. I was proud of him. I was behind him at all times and supported him as I would a good friend. And what happens? What do I get for my troubles? D-san (and two other folks who were innocently dragged into this matter) turn him into a dictator in one of their stories. I was devestated. I didn’t show it, but I was anyway. So, two years later, in a bout of depression-induced rage, I came up with the plot for Reflection. It was very mechanical logic. I didn’t want my character to be misused again, so I would kill him off. I was going to complete the project by myself. And guess what? D-san arrives again, yanks the project out of my hands, and draws it himself.

So in the end, the project was, in my eyes, a failure. My character had been used by someone else for the project designed to prevent that from happening. Go ahead and laugh at my situation. I’ve been the butt of enough jokes not to care.

After D-san sent his pages in to RSOM, I took my work back and burned all the pages. I put the ashes in a copper cylinder, welded it shut, and attached it to a chain. It now hangs in Derek’s room. He found it cool. Yet another loss for me.

So, back to not winning. If we had won, my character would have once again become someone else’s instrument. And the whole United States would know it. But, then again, what would they care?


Oh yes, the bane of webcomic-ing. The Dead Day.

What is it, you ask? Well, if you’ve read Megatokyo, you’ll know that it’s when one loses the ability to draw anything. Period.

I, myself, have not had a dead day for about a month until just yesterday, when I was wrapping up a strip that’ll be posted in about two weeks on the current schedule. I had two above average quality frames done, and then, I couldn’t get anything done on the last one. For about three hours. I just sat there and erased.

So, what causes a Dead Day? Well, I believe it’s a simple case of trying to hard. Why is this? Well, as before every Dead Day I’ve had, I’ve had a period of better-than-average-drawing, before you come up to one drawing that just doesn’t look right. Thus, you erase it, and you try a bit harder to get it right, and then you distort it a bit more, and then so on and so forth.The thing is, trying harder doesn’t always make it better. Whenever I draw, I don’t believe I can do anything unless it’s in a more relaxed atmosphere, so what I’m saying is that *Screwing up = Trying harder = Screwing up more*, or something like that.

A solution, you say? Well, frankly, I have no clue. I guess it’s a natural impulse to try harder on something if you screw up the first time, so you can’t really compound the problem. I guess what you could do is do a different drawing for the time being, I haven’t tried to do anything about Dead Days yet, so I don’t know.

Let’s see, that about covers it, if anyone knows anyone who will link to NWars or something, please don’t hesitate to EMail me… Gmail is awesome; so much faster than Yahoo.