dcomic a40


So we’ve got page 11 of Pieces today. As with most pages, I don’t really have anything in particular to say about this one. You can see the Academy as depicted in “Pieces Painting” in the background.

As far as these mini-projects go (Starcrossed, Reflection, TIAIIS), Pieces now has the distinction as the only one with which I’m still fairly satisfied some months after completion. I’m fairly certain I wasn’t happy with Starcrossed even a month or so after I printed it, and I definitely wasn’t happy with Reflection or TIAIIS after I finished those. That isn’t to say improvements can’t be made (on the contrary, there’s plenty of things I still want to try), but given the time and skill constraints, I do think Pieces did a good job of sitting on the edge of do-ability.

In other news (as there always is), I received a figure I ordered way, way back in May (yikes, that’s nearly half a year ago now that I think about it). The second season of K-On has come and gone in that time, but I finally, finally have my damn Mio figure, and the joins the ranks of my other four figures, all of which are now back in their boxes with the original packaging pending a display case in which to display them that I may never get. That doesn’t stop me from wanting another figure, though; I’m considering this Mikoto

I like how my eBay watch list has pages and pages of broken laptops interspersed with Anime merchandise and the like.

Speaking of eBay, October was a really good month for business. Since it’s been about two years since I last spoke of this matter, I think it’s time to revisit. Somehow this buying and selling – “arbitrage”, according to my friend Steve – has become my primary hobby these days with drawing taking a distant second and anything else practically non-existent (if only because, as I may have mentioned in the past, it’s the most immediately profitable and the most immediately practical), and as such it’s grown in leaps and bounds. This is really an objective comparison because I have records of every transaction I’ve made since I officially started on August 6th, 2008.

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