dupdate 060406


I had something good planned for today, but I was too lazy to carry it out. So we’ll wait until next time.





dupdate 060131


Ok, rant and everything in the same box; this makes my life a ton easier.

these are pics of my new ship, the Kagurazaka (Like, I said, there’s a theme going on, the next ship should be the “Aoyama”). As of now, I’ve got the entire airlock module done, and a chunk of the command module done. I’m keeping this short, here’s the BS gallery once moderated.


dupdate 060109


So. J updated early. I’m updating on time.

The two “updates” in question are:

CLPS Mail Ship

CS Narusegawa

The Narusegawa was built before the mail ship, and I have qualms about the design. I don’t really feel like talking about them, as I’m kinda busy. She’s built to be an atmospheric warship, which is why her underside is totally undefended. The whole mess is not terribly realistic, with the the end sections connected by a weaker section of hull, etc.

The mail ship is nice. Why’d we have paper mail in the Confederate League? No clue. We have mail and we have the internet. Maybe it’s more secure or something. But then, for really secure connections, they’d have armed couriers? Maybe I’ll build one of those someday.

Ok, that’s it.

dupdate 050822


The Confederate Ship Urashima. Named after you know who of a certain very popular manga. Here is the MOC Pages gallery.

School’s starting. Such a pity. I be taking my permit test on Friday, too. Then Baylug on the 11th with J. Then who knows what.

So I’ve developed SOME tablet skill over the past two days. Not necessarily at any higher level whatsoever, though. I’ll put up a lineart of what I painted in using the tablet, but I’m not satisfied with the coloring yet. It really similar to work with a mouse, except maybe 15-25% faster.

31 – Back Again || Evil Plan


See, D-san goes off on one larger plot-line, and I go off on one smaller one. Now you readers can be doubly confused.


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Speaking of which, I’ll do gallery updates again real soon. I promise. I have content. Whee.

Anyways, there is no rant. I’m modelling a Beyer Garratt NGG11 in Legos, which is taking huge amounts of my time. The model is essentially done, save a few touch ups and stuff. And I have to work out the damn smoke unit, which is… umm… dysfunctional.

I was GOING to model an NGG16, of which there are more built, I think, but I didn’t really have enough wheels for it, nor did I want to build the blockier tender and boilers… Though the NGG16’s do have more detail to work with…


I finished the NGG11. I rebuilt my K1, and went through 90% of the material I need for the research thing I have to do. Now I just have to write it. Anyways, back to the Garratt, it’s 52 studs long, about eight bricks high (A stud is shorter than a brick), and takes up approximately 750-1250 pieces. How do I know that latter statement? I guessed.

You know, the really hard part about building these locomotives is the drive base. Getting all the cylinders and the wheels to fit together without excessive friction requires a whole ton of placing, and replacing; shaping and reshaping. The front truck (Considering the drive base is articulated 4-4-4-4, the front truck is the first set of four) went through at least nine variations before I settled on the current design, which involves this wierd SNOT (Studs Not On Top) ing to get the sides of the cylinders to line up and stuff. The second truck went through almost as many changes before I went about duplicating both trucks on the other end. The drive rods were relatively simple to get together.

The front and rear ‘boxes’ are the tender and the water tank. They look the same on the real thing, and they look the same on the model, but they aren’t the same on the model. The tender, after a variation that made it a brick higher than the water tank, was made to hold a couple inches of wire for the unfunctional smoke unit atop the boiler. It is made with gaps so that you can connect another cable out of the tender and into a trailing car which might hold a battery box. That other car looks like crap, so I don’t use it, thus the smoke unit is unfunctional.

the cab and boiler are relatively low compared to the heights of regular production Lego trains. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think it’s because Lego baseplates tend to add that extra plate or two of hight to their locomotives or whatnot. Anyways, it was made, unlike the first cab of the K1 to actually house a minifig. The entire boiler assembly was probably the easiest thing to model here.

Anyways, never did get those galleries up, and I don’t know why I’m wasting time writing stuff nobody will read (I mean, who cares about the technical aspect of this thing?), maybe next time I’ll waste your time with comments on the K1. Alright, good luck to J on finishing his tank engine.