J302 – Jace vs. Chandra

The long-awaited comic is here~

Click for larger version.

This comic is based on this Finnish 4koma involving Mokou and Kaguya. The comic just has so many funny things working in unison: the terrible pun, the two pairs of sunglasses, the YEEAAAOOOOFFF in the last panel……

Since the dialogue and punchline work with Jace and Chandra, I decided to port it over. I wanted to title the comic “Stranglehold” in reference to this Magic card, but I wasn’t sure if enough people would know the flavor text…

J298 – Jace Beleren

Comic is delayed a bit so that I don’t do a rushed half-assed job on it. Instead, to go with yesterday’s Chandra drawing, here is Jace:

Jace also got the anime treatment from the guy who drew the Magic: The Gathering manga, but only for a the Japanese release of a particular Magic product. Normally, art stays the same when a product is translated into different languages, but I guess in this case they couldn’t resist. Given the relatively large number of Japanophiles in the MtG crowd, the product got ported to the states too, where it was sold at a heavily marked-up price. I still bought one ( – _ -; ).

Once again, I based my depiction off the original card art. He wasn’t quite as fun to draw as Chandra (probably because I like Chandra more).

Maybe I should do all the planeswalkers?

J297 – Chandra Nalaar

Today was going to be more Touhou, but as a nod to the recent Magic: The Gathering banning I thought I’d draw Chandra instead.

Chandra happens to be the main character of the Magic: The Gathering manga that runs in Dengeki-Maoh, so anime style depictions of her aren’t exactly new. I didn’t really want to do an insufficiently-armored Lina Inverse-esque depiction of her, so I took the approach I used for the Touhou drawings: draw off the original official art. (Aside: I didn’t know that Aleksi Briclot illustrated all of the original planeswalkers before now.)

Join me tomorrow, when I hope to post a comic I’ve been thinking of drawing for a while.