J309 – Touhou Sketch 9

You might have expected this one to be Cirno, but the heuristic I use for choosing the next character wouldn’t let it happen. Presenting a Yakumo “family” triple-portrait:

Characters are:
Yakumo Yukari (friend of Reimu and Suika). Theme.
Yakumo Ran (Yukari’s shikigami (familiar) ). Theme.
Chen (Ran’s shikigami). Theme.

Yukari is the youkai of boundaries, so I thought it’d be interesting to have her open up a boundary in the paper. Ran and Chen were drawn first, with a rough outline of where I wanted to put Yukari (Aside: I really like how Ran turned out in this one, although I’ve never drawn her before.). I then drew Yukari on another sheet of paper and cut her out. I cut out the boundary’s shape on the paper with Ran and Chen, going around Chen’s head. Then I cut some more holes off to the side and tied ribbon (this was the hardest part >.> ).

Interesting note: The first time I scanned I forgot to put anything behind the boundary’s hole, so it just showed up white in the scan due to the scanner’s cover. Problem solved with construction paper.