Two Paintchats

Paintchat on October 24

Paintchat on December 1


So, first a bit of background. openCanvas is a nifty little program, that, in its earlier incarnations, allows people to connect with the magical powaa of the interwebs and do something called “paintchat”, which is basically drawing on the same picture over the internet. After Derek and I figured out how to do this (with a bit of help from this webpage), we tried doing so. Hence, we get what you see above.

A few things before I explain what the heck is happening in those pictures. First, a caveat: Derek had a tablet. I didn’t. This may partly explain the difference in quality of art, though I didn’t do too bad a job using just a mouse, if I do say myself. Secondly, the actual openCanvas program can be had here (right-click and choose “Save Link As”) if you so desire. It may help follow along with the next thing, which is the event files for the first session and second session. Basically, they’re recordings, sped up, of Derek and me painting. Now, onto the actual art:

First Session: Our first attempt. My lack of skillz with the mouse (or in general?) is visible. Derek tends to draw faster, so I didn’t get as much done. Not sure what the girl in the middle is about. The ship in the middle was drawn by Derek; the thing in the lower-right hand corner is my biscotti-and-waffle parody of it. For those of you following along with the event file, the comment “Nice Boat” is a reference to a recent internet meme. Can’t really explain it concisely, so I’ll refer you to Tokatu’s rant here (scroll down to where it says “Nice Boat!” in bold).

Second Session: This one contains a lot more randomness. Those of you watching the event file may notice Derek Drawing a ship, which then explodes and is deleted. Meanwhile, the picture randomly turns dark and inverts its colors. That would be me trying to figure out which layers I’ve painted on. Anyway, once again, in the corner we have Senator Käska. After Derek redesigned him with a prominent ahoge, I’ve always been tempted to draw him as a spazzy asshat. Much like a certain other character who says “MAHO” a lot. The little white things behind Käska are dango, as seen in this rant. The event file contains a short period in which a profusion of them are generated all over the picture. At this point, I drew Hungry Hungry Käska to take care of them. The two girls are ME-tan (left) and XP-tan (right), two of the most commonly seen OS-tan.

My god, there’s a lot of links in that rant.