J281 – RLRAoS: Touch Nothing But the Lamp

Today’s RLRAoS was contributed by Sam.

To clear up any confusion: Essentially, the lighting in Sam’s room is supplied by a sunlamp much like this one. He returned to his room after being away for a bit, and, finding his lamp was on, turned it off. Strangely enough, that’s exactly the opposite of what you would ordinarily want to do on entering a room…

J134 – Real-Life Random Acts of Stupidity – Typing


Hi everyone! RLRAoS returns! (I’ve dropped that bothersome “realistic” stle.) I didn’t actually see this one happen, but it was reported back to me by the parties involved.

For those of you who are confused: The calculators we use at school are TI-8_ graphing calculators (The blank is some digit; higher numbers, such as the TI-89, are fancier; D-san has an 83), which can display text in addition to numbers. Hence, typing.

Sam tells me he was trying to type “potato”.