dupdate 110619


Well, I told J that I would match him a sketch for every sketch he does, so this is for day two.

This is a redesign of an old design. There were a couple ships I designed back in elementary school that had propellers for whatever silly reason, but it was all very spindly and out of scale. This is a rescaling and ironing out of those designs.

Yesterday I was talking about the wildcard in my hardware master plan: the last time I talked about my storage subsystem was in d243, almost two years ago. Little has changed since then; my “important” stuff is still triplicated across three desktop drives, with the remainder of the drives being filled with less important, non-duplicated stuff (lots and lots of anime).

The best set of rules I’ve come across for backing up data is a “1 2 3” kind of rule: 3 copies, 2 media, 1 off-site location. So basically you want three copies of your stuff on two different kinds of media (ie HDD and CD or DVD) with one copy somewhere else (technically it’s like 3-2-2, but I digress). Now that I have a DVD sent taken to Hong Kong every year, in addition to the three HDD copies, I’d say I’m pretty decent on the backup front.

For the HDD subsystem, I’m currently using these hot-swap bays, which I’ve been using… since 2007, obviously. I wanted to be able to only buy bare drives, but I also didn’t want to have to handle them directly. I also didn’t want to buy standalone external drives because USB 2.0 is slow as crap relative to the size of even a 500GB hard drive, and you need a power brick. And I hate power bricks.

One issue I had considered was the need to keep buying new caddies every time I bought a new drive. It’s cost overhead (like $20 for a bay and caddy) and there’s the fear that they might stop selling this exact make and model of bay and caddy in the not-so-far future. And if I wanted to switch bay and caddy systems, it’s impossible to get rid of the old caddies and bays at anywhere near the original cost. I glossed over this issue by saying I’d only buy so many caddies and bays and just upgrade the size of the hard drive in each caddy as drives got bigger, but even for “less important” data, I’m becoming afraid of committing like a full 2TB of data onto a single drive. 500GB to 1TB seems to be fine.

Without the desktop I don’t have the bays connected to my “main” machine anymore (the T400), which renders my entire storage subsystem impractical. To access the drives, I’ll need to get USB/SATA adapters, and worst of all, power bricks. So something has to be done in this space, I’m just not sure what it is.