Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to present to you the VERY FIRST Nonsense Wars Theme Week! As the banner above may have alerted you, it is now SPACE WEEK!

For our first theme week, we decided to go with something fairly straightforward: Space. To kick us off, I decided to make a new (temporary (?)) banner in the style of silly 1950s sci-fi; ridiculous skintight uniforms, ray guns with pointless circular shielding lens-bits, etc. It’s supposed to look a bit dorky, and I think I managed to convey what I wanted to. Probably needs a few more pointless bits on the guns and uniforms.

As you may have gathered, Derek draws a lot of space stuff. The two of us have a shared universe we came up with, but he’s the one who’s done most of the illustrating of stuff that’s in there. It’s probably been a couple years since I drew a starship, but even before that I didn’t draw that much in the way of big space stuff the way Derek does. I have some old sketches for some stuff I was planning with Sam I might be able to dig up.

Anyway, please enjoy the theme week while it lasts. We’ll probably be doing themed weeks every now and then, interspersed among normal weeks.