J309 – Touhou Sketch 9

You might have expected this one to be Cirno, but the heuristic I use for choosing the next character wouldn’t let it happen. Presenting a Yakumo “family” triple-portrait:

Characters are:
Yakumo Yukari (friend of Reimu and Suika). Theme.
Yakumo Ran (Yukari’s shikigami (familiar) ). Theme.
Chen (Ran’s shikigami). Theme.

Yukari is the youkai of boundaries, so I thought it’d be interesting to have her open up a boundary in the paper. Ran and Chen were drawn first, with a rough outline of where I wanted to put Yukari (Aside: I really like how Ran turned out in this one, although I’ve never drawn her before.). I then drew Yukari on another sheet of paper and cut her out. I cut out the boundary’s shape on the paper with Ran and Chen, going around Chen’s head. Then I cut some more holes off to the side and tied ribbon (this was the hardest part >.> ).

Interesting note: The first time I scanned I forgot to put anything behind the boundary’s hole, so it just showed up white in the scan due to the scanner’s cover. Problem solved with construction paper.

J307 – Touhou Sketch 7

This time it’s Hakurei Reimu, the main character (?). You can listen to one of her themes here.

While drawing her sleeve-thingies, I had the feeling that I’d drawn something like them before. It’s probably because they’re some combination of Vocaloid sleeve thingies and Inuyasha’s sleeves.

In terms of drawing characters who are mentioned in the “Relationships” section of the previous character on the Touhou wiki, we’ve probably reached the nodes with the most lines coming out of them now…