11 – The Call || No Responsibility


Well, the animated version of this strip should come along pretty soon, unless you fans tell me otherwise. Would you rather see some other strip animated, like “The Offer”? How about an episode of The Zan Show? (We have a voice actor for Zan already, and of course D-san and I will play ourselves.) Or do you want to see a music video? (That will take longer, though.)

Yes, I know I was lazy today: I reused frames from last time. Well, currently, my drawing skills are kind of running awry. The mechanics of my drawings aren’t as great as D-san’s, and I’m looking to improve. And, of course, there’s the punchline issue. I have some good ones, but a by-product of making them is some bad jokes that D-san has to listen to all the time, and sometimes some of them even make their way into the comics. *gasp*

Erg. I lost the mechanical pencil I use for drawing. Whatever shall I do?


Grrr… lowest hits ever this week. I’m really not sure what to do to get more of a fanbase… Need to find some better way to internet advertise; I don’t think ‘Flyer Advertisement’ works anymore these days.

Anyways, about artwork. Today’s comic actually shows the evolution of my art in the past three or four years. Accurately. I always have to to talk about the history of my art at one point, so why not make it now. Maybe next time I will actually talk about art process. (You can see the procrastination kicking in here).

So I have been drawing since the moment I could hold a writing utensil and move it in coordinated patterns across a piece of paper. For me, this was almost a decade ago, when I was in preschool. Second year or so. How the heck do I remember this? I have no idea. But I do remember one of my preschool ‘instructors’ telling me to do something besides drawing. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I remember it.

From here to second grade, everything is about the same. I only drew trains and the occasional automobile, but these were two dimensional, basic shapes joined together in a less than coordinated manner. I have artwork from this period, if anyone cares to see.

And then in third grade, we get THREE DIMENSIONAL basic shapes joined in a less than coordinated manner. I got to know J-San in this year, too. In second grade, we had nothing to do with each other.

AND THEN, the momentous imaginary worlds of BKS. From one of Bill Watterson’s legendary Calvin and Hobbes strips, we derived this galactic empire of sorts and drew stuff pertaining to it. It is the summer of 1998 that I started drawing people. Justin and I BOTH drew people for the first time in the first ‘Adventures of BKS’. Of course, these are two dimensional people that are made of basic shapes joined together in an uncoordinated manner, BUT it’s better than nothing.

I’ll continue this next time… Too tired to write more now.

I love how our rant is more of ‘Random thought cycles by Dsan and Jsan.


10 – The Offer || The Battery


So, finally I get to write this one. Here we go.

I save my comics (well, export them, actually) in JPEG format. D-san uses gif. I find that strange, since he scans at highest color resolution, and usually gifs have to stay with a small color palette or else they get really big. Like his, which are around 150Kb each.

My JPEGs are around 41 Kb each. Hmm…

On the other hand, this could also have to do with which programs we use to assemble our comics. D-san uses Paint Shop Pro. I use Macromedia Flash. That’s right, you heard me–Flash, the so-called “Animation” tool. Well, I can do animation with it, but I can also use its drawng tools and create things like speech bubbles with bent stems effortlessly. D-san…well, he’s taken to drawing his speech bubble outlines manually now…

Oh yeah, I put up an Error 404 page, so if you click on a broken link (like my sketches page, seeing as I have no great sketches to put on this page) you get to see my html skills at work!

Alright, that’s it for today. Good night.


I don’t have much to rant about this time through… Besides our low hits and bad grades, neither which I want to talk about. Actually, I already talked about our low hits, so yeah, whatever.

So what we get today are crappy, dumpbox quality sketches! By me! And they aren’t even relevant to NWars!

[100522: Dead Link]

Here is a picture of Zan. Zan, of course, is from Reflection, and all that stuff. You can read Reflection to find out about that stuff. In this sketch I was just showing J-San what I thought a particular pose of his should’ve been.

[100522: Dead Link]

Here is a picture of a boat and an island. I was showing my sister what a boat and an island should look like. Of course, hers didn’t look a thing like it, but hey, it makes for a nice dumpbox sketch. I had a better island that had this cool volcano on it, but the sketch was too blurred to see. Oh well. The boat’s sails are kinda screwed up.

[100522: Dead Link]

Here is a picture of a landscape thingy… and a building. Personally, I don’t think the landscape thing is all that great (There’s a road and a distance marker and a signpost, if you can’t tell, yes I suck at landscape) but I really liked the building. I even used it for one of the NWars later on. It’s really heavily based off of asian buildings, for that matter.

[100522: Dead Link]

Here is a thing of more landscape. More landscape that sucks, at least. This was a bit better, you can kinda see how I TRIED to get the river to look indented, and it didn’t really work… At least it looks like a river… maybe? The road looks like a road? Maybe?

Aww, forget it. If you want to look at some slightly better art, I put two really nice (In my opinion) sketches up.

9 – The Zan Show || Manga Analysis 2


Yes, the comic is late. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I will make it up to you readers somehow, someday. But now, on to the explanation (excuse?)…

When I first came up with today’s comic, I thought it was hilarious. But the more time I spent on it, the less I liked it. In addition, the panel format ruined a few things. In the third panel, the faint motion trails lead to Zan’s sword in his other hand, but to fit the image in to the panel that portion had to be cut off. And, after I thought about it, the joke wasn’t that great either. This has been one of the least favorite strips I have drawn thus far.

But anyway, on to how to make it up to you readers. Do you want me to animate this or another N-wars? Do you want me to write parody songs? Or do you want me to make a music video? Let me know by email, or post in the forums: I read them, I just don’t post in them.


Common cold. That’s what I have. Last night, I had this itching in the back of my throat, and this morning I woke up with a headache. Took my temperature about five minutes later and what a surprise, 100.1. Farenheit, that is.

And thus, I went to school after taking some Advil. I stayed until lunch, after which I went home and took a nap. Now I’m typing out this rant, so the site isn’t so… blargh’ed. You know, this really has been a rough week.

8 – Funky Anime Part 1 || Manga Analysis 2

No rant for this comic.


And so, on the top of the flier, in pt ten ‘Wild Words’ font, it sayeth ‘Nonsense-Wars Presents: Mass Advertisement No1!’

So the other day, when I was noticing that our hits/visits/unique visits/whatever was not increasing throughout the month, I figured we’d have to come up with some advertising scheme, and by that, I mean, the Nonsense-Wars Mass Advertisement flier number one.

What it is is this odd comic, without any punchline made of discarded and/or used frames that just says ‘Nonsense Wars is some webcomic done by some stupid people. Visit us at Nonsense-Wars.com’. And then I got people from three schools to hand them out to people, and I posted Nonsense-Wars posters at my school. Thus, hopefully, this will increase the traffic.

PLUS, if anyone is dedicated enough to the site, the flyer is here. I’m sure some of you want to print out hundreds of copies and just give them out to random people. I know Mike is going to at the next debate he goes to.

Damn, this is a SHORT rant. Oh well. Keep visiting the site, people, and tell your friends!

7 – I Win! I Win! || 1 Word, 5 Words, and an Action


Okay, to make up for the really depressing rant I wrote last time, I’m going to write something really stupid today!

So anyway, today’s comic was drawn before the Swiss-Army-knife Part 2 comic. Hence, it looks bad. This had to be done because I started using this new technique with inking and other stuff to make it look better. So, here we are. Inked. But this was just an explanation. Now, on to the REALLY stupid stuff.

D-san’s rant has some typos in it. I figyoor he waas justr careles when he was typing, sihnce he usualy tipes pretty wel. At times his grammar has not to be well either, but I forgives him for that. After all, this is a website, not an English course.

Yes, D-san and I “hate” each other. Maybe that’s why when we’re put together, our intelligence decreases.

D-san says to talk in the forum. If you want to talk to me, it’s probably a better idea to email me instead. I don’t have hours to spend browsing the forums.

Alrighty, I’m going to call it quits for today.


Whereas Gallagher gets hordes of fanmail, we get nothing. That’s expected, I guess.

But what isn’t is the fact that nobody ever leaves any sort of feedback whatsoever. I mean, I know people are lazy, I myself am one of those people, but seriously, we don’t even get ONE non-Militate member (Meaning they weren’t there before we got our section) to post on the boards. In fact, not even regular Militate members post there. Not even HATEMAIL for crying out loud. Even Justin got hatemail on his CRN shoutbox!

Why does it count? Why do I care so much? Well, without feedback it’s kinda hard to improve on anything. I mean, Justin just waves me off on an irrelevant tangent whenever I ask him, and I just wave him off on an irrelevant tangent when he asks me, so that doesn’t help. Plus we hate each other in the first place, so we don’t get unbiased comments. So thus, outside critquing, especially from people I don’t know really does help. I mean, if N-Wars sucks at send me a freaking Email saying N-Wars sucks. Heck, that would make my day. It doesn’t even need to be Email, it can be a thread on the Forum!

About the forum, for that matter, nobody ever comments on my own comments about the strip. Please, people, as I said before, it is very hard to improve without feedback. I’m certain that there are better artists visiting the site, and better comedians as well for that matter. Just post a ‘You suck’ even, though construction critisism is far better.

So now comes the real test of the past three weeks work. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to prove how unvisited this site actually is, BUT, WHOEVER READS THIS RANT EMAIL ME, or AIM me, or whatever. (In fact it would be nice if you IM’ed everyone on your buddy list about the site, but yeah, like that’ll happen).

Alright, that’s the end of my uncoordinated thought of the day, goodbye folks.

6 – 10% Maybe || RLRAoS 1


I got a letter from Tokyopop. Inside was a certificate thanking me for participating in RSOM4, and a letter telling me that I didn’t win. My name was written “Jason Lan” on the certificate. For those of you who don’t already know, my name is Justin Lan. You’d think that they should be able to get that small detail right, seeing as they’re a big pubishing company and all.

But that’s not the important thing. I don’t care that we (D-san and I) lost. In fact, I’m glad that we didn’t win. Those of you who haven’t already, go ahead and read Reflection, our RSOM entry. This will make the rant easier to understand.

The character named “Keno Colin” was of my creation. My first original character, and my only one for years. I was proud of him. I was behind him at all times and supported him as I would a good friend. And what happens? What do I get for my troubles? D-san (and two other folks who were innocently dragged into this matter) turn him into a dictator in one of their stories. I was devestated. I didn’t show it, but I was anyway. So, two years later, in a bout of depression-induced rage, I came up with the plot for Reflection. It was very mechanical logic. I didn’t want my character to be misused again, so I would kill him off. I was going to complete the project by myself. And guess what? D-san arrives again, yanks the project out of my hands, and draws it himself.

So in the end, the project was, in my eyes, a failure. My character had been used by someone else for the project designed to prevent that from happening. Go ahead and laugh at my situation. I’ve been the butt of enough jokes not to care.

After D-san sent his pages in to RSOM, I took my work back and burned all the pages. I put the ashes in a copper cylinder, welded it shut, and attached it to a chain. It now hangs in Derek’s room. He found it cool. Yet another loss for me.

So, back to not winning. If we had won, my character would have once again become someone else’s instrument. And the whole United States would know it. But, then again, what would they care?


Oh yes, the bane of webcomic-ing. The Dead Day.

What is it, you ask? Well, if you’ve read Megatokyo, you’ll know that it’s when one loses the ability to draw anything. Period.

I, myself, have not had a dead day for about a month until just yesterday, when I was wrapping up a strip that’ll be posted in about two weeks on the current schedule. I had two above average quality frames done, and then, I couldn’t get anything done on the last one. For about three hours. I just sat there and erased.

So, what causes a Dead Day? Well, I believe it’s a simple case of trying to hard. Why is this? Well, as before every Dead Day I’ve had, I’ve had a period of better-than-average-drawing, before you come up to one drawing that just doesn’t look right. Thus, you erase it, and you try a bit harder to get it right, and then you distort it a bit more, and then so on and so forth.The thing is, trying harder doesn’t always make it better. Whenever I draw, I don’t believe I can do anything unless it’s in a more relaxed atmosphere, so what I’m saying is that *Screwing up = Trying harder = Screwing up more*, or something like that.

A solution, you say? Well, frankly, I have no clue. I guess it’s a natural impulse to try harder on something if you screw up the first time, so you can’t really compound the problem. I guess what you could do is do a different drawing for the time being, I haven’t tried to do anything about Dead Days yet, so I don’t know.

Let’s see, that about covers it, if anyone knows anyone who will link to NWars or something, please don’t hesitate to EMail me… Gmail is awesome; so much faster than Yahoo.

5 – A New Toy || Chibi Test


I accidentally deleted J-San’s rant… Such a bad day…


So, I will try to create a rant that actually stays on a Topic and provides some information, in the spirit of last time’s rant.

So for the few readers who aren’t from Militate in the first place, this is about the board. And I know everyone’s thinking ‘Oh great, another one of D-San’s life stories’, but anyways, I joined militate way back in May or June of 2003 when it was still very much a Yugioh-only forum, mainly under ‘Yugioh-Fusion.com’ Back then, I think they had like 1.75k members and 150k posts or something, but it was growing. To make a long story short, I worked my way up the rank ladder, and then quit Yugioh, and almost quit the board, well, I’m really glad I didn’t. When Justin and I thought up the whole N-Wars thing, in like, July, we were going to make our own forum, and it stayed that way until a week before the official opening, when I asked Chris (Militate webmaster, don’t get him confused with another Chris I might mention later) if he wanted to link to N-Wars. That’s when Chris actualyl suggested I put the N-Wars forum on Militate, and Justin and I figured it was by far a superior alternative. Thus, our N-Wars forums, which will have more than one forum in the future, I promise, is on militate.

So now on to the other thing, this backlog I mentioned. The N-Wars strips that are coming up right now were actually done way back in early August. I did about ten strips before the school year started, and I still have a backlog of about 7 or 8. That would let me go for a month on the current update schedule and never fall behind. Obviously, the goal is to make it so I never fall behind, unlike Gallagher’s Megatokyo.

Justin, on the other hand, well, I think he is struggling…

PS to Justin; the rant box has been expanded to 1448, instead of 1000.

4 – Lesson || Frame Test 1


Yes, people, the way my hair is drawn in Nonsense-Wars is accurate.

Well, almost accurate, anyways…

So, my hair doesn’t really flare out in the Tomo-ish (Refer to Azu Manga Dao) way I draw it, and it doesn’t really have those sidelocks that D-San draws, but it still hangs out in the back.

Yeah, some people at school don’t like it, and they make fun of it. I guess that they’re just scared of something different. Variety is the spice of life. I guess it’s just too strong for them.

Actually, I’m not planning to leave it hanging like that. As soon as I find something not-so-girly, I’m going to tie it back, Steel cord, maybe? Some guy I know suggested magnesium ribbon, but…

“My hair’s on fire!!!”

So that’s the story of my hair. See you folks on Friday.


Hmm… J-San’s rant is superior to mine in every aspect possible.

The thing is, I write my rants as more of a live journal focused on the site, rather than a coordinated thought, such as MT’s rants, and J-San’s rants now I look at it. I’m pretty sure this is linked to the fact that I can never think of a good story line nor a good N-Wars punchline (Yes, J-San does make at least 75% of the N-Wars scripts, I just draw them).

Thus, my rants turn out to be random gibberish, such as the last rant. No complete thought whatsoever. It really reminds me of my early comic series, in which I drew random interactions between the characters for almost 90% of the comics. Even the ones that were linked in storylines either became not funny, or just plain stupid.

Starcrossed and Reflection –

Well, lemme go through what they are; These are my two early manga attempts, Starcrossed is like a corny sci-fi love story, and Reflection is a less corny, more serious, sci-fi story about revenge –

are both brilliant examples of this concept. Both of them, moreso Reflection, had plots that were not thought out by me (Though I DID do a bit of the Starcrossed one), and both turned out to be pretty serious strips, SC leaning to the ‘Stupid’ side as well.

Ya, alright, I’m done.

3 – Nose Wars? || Genesis

No rant for this comic.


Probably nobody. Which leads to the point that we need a way to get more hits. Yes, we have one site linked to us, and I think Chris of Y-F is also planning to, but that probably won’t give us anywhere near MT’s daily average. Well, duh. We’ll also get forum space specifically for N-Wars. Yay!

For the same matter, I hope to just go around and find places to advertise this site the whole weekend, and advertise it. Yay, again.

The comic that is up today; I really like this strip. I just love how J-San is portraying god as a hippie with the big peace necklace and the robe and all. The lightning and the contrast between chaos and what are supposed to be Legos is, in my opinion, very funny. The punchline isn’t that bad either for that matter.

Alright, that’s all I have to say this time. Gotta get started on school work or something like that. I get to do an N-Wars for Chemistry, so that makes stuff easier.