dcomic 244


Title: Wtf, mate?

My computer stopped loading n-wars. For no reason whatsoever. So now I’m emailing my rants and comics to J to upload to the site. Fun stuff all around.

I’ve also started working on my Rising Stars of Manga 6 entry. I HAD a storyline through the summer, but I didn’t like it and gave up after 6 pages. And each of those pages took like three days as well.

THIS time, things will be different. In ONE day, I finished TWO pages of “There is an I in Spaceship”, and on the SECOND day, I finished ANOTHER page. I’m betting I’ll get back down to one page every other day as the year drags on, but hey, I think I can finish this one.

What really sped TIAIIS up, though, was the (I’m going to coin a term now) Recycle Theory. Which basically says, “Hey, if I Recycle frames, stuff goes fifty bazillion times faster!”. That’s obvious, but then again, so is that theory that says all squares are similar.

j55 – Reflection Show 1



WARNING: Today’s update is a BIG file. Sorry, 56K people.

Now, this was the “something good” I was referring to two updates ago (I never said which Monday, did I?). Anyway, silly little spoof-type thing using the Reflection characters (read Reflection if you haven’t yet already…the link is here somewhere…or not). Reflection was this thing that was all serious and stuff, and one day, I looked at it, and said, “Dude, I should do something really insane with this.” I showed D-san, and he said, “Um, J, those two guys are dead.” And I said, “Fack continuity! This is supposed to be crazy!”

Actually, it wasn’t quite like that. It was more like, I showed D and he looked at me funny.

j54 – So Soon?


Today is my 50th comic. Yay! School also started today.

Today’s comic was some one-off gag I though up randomly. By the way, that’s not our actual principal in the comic. Our real principal is much cooler.

So, D-san posts his ship, I post mine: link. There’s this online database thing of all ships over 100 LU (Lego Units) long. The Cheater, as I call my ship, was a way of doing that using a small Lego collection.

dupdate 050822


The Confederate Ship Urashima. Named after you know who of a certain very popular manga. Here is the MOC Pages gallery.

School’s starting. Such a pity. I be taking my permit test on Friday, too. Then Baylug on the 11th with J. Then who knows what.

So I’ve developed SOME tablet skill over the past two days. Not necessarily at any higher level whatsoever, though. I’ll put up a lineart of what I painted in using the tablet, but I’m not satisfied with the coloring yet. It really similar to work with a mouse, except maybe 15-25% faster.