d368 Estelle 2013


Her full name is like “Estellise Sidos Heurassein”. I can never help but read that last part as Hussein. As in Saddam.

Estelle 2013 is more or less a linear development of the Rita 2013 painting and more or less a remake of the same from 2009. One of the concerns over Rita was whether or not the more fluid drawing and painting style would “scale” well to more static content and lighter colors, and Estelle tries to move in that direction. Another thought was whether or not a more fluid (and this is really a boilerplate word for the painting: I’m not actually sure how different it is) painting style would scale well to a more conventionally scaled and finished (ie inked) lineart, and there was an intermediate painting that tried to address that.

It was pretty decent, but obviously not okay enough for me to make a post (maybe more in that direction later).

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