d352 120428 Cheria Barns 2012

My second Tales of Graces painting features Cheria, who did not make it into the last one, primarily due to space constraints. The background is a hand-traced portion of the ToG logo. I don’t really believe there is anything particularly noteworthy about this painting except that the lineart is inked.

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d351 120413 Tales of Graces PS3 2012


Officially, Tales of Graces is the first US “mothership” Tales release in almost four years. I would consider it the first in six years if only because Vesperia on the 360 was not really complete. I slogged through about 70 hours of gameplay in about 9 days, which is actually pretty ridiculous in retrospect. Since I was going to class and stuff for half that time, I must have more time on my hands than I think. Or maybe the game time is wrong…

Today’s update is thus the first of (most likely) a few obligatory Graces paintings.

This is basically the contemporary equivalent of ToV on PS3, and generally an uneventful painting. Pretty standard quality and methodology, though it took a while due to the number of characters and the number of colors per character. Background is just me being not creative and or lazy. Next painting will probably go back to emphasizing quality lineart.