dupdate 051130


Thanks to our dear friend Comcast, I can access this site again. Not that that really means anything. I’m typing this before I post a comic/image/whatever, because I don’t remember what I have or have not posted, and I haven’t drawn anything worth anything in the past couple months, so. Decisions, decisions.

Hmm, I looked back a couple of pages and figured I already posted the two “Hair” comics. I’ve got a bit of time, so I’m wondering if I could has something out really fast… Something funny maybe.

This is after swim practice. I think I’ll just use a couple TIAIIS and miscellaneous sketches for the update. But I intend to do some test comics in the near future, and now that I can update again, it might prompt me to get those in faster.

[100526: Three dead links]

Okies. I’ll explain some of this TIAIIS stuff. Much of it is delineated in the update for 9/05, but I’ll say a bit more: The story is called “There is an I in Spaceship” (Yeah, that gets a wtf, eh?).

I’ve “stolen” characters from all over the place; the first sketch has cleaned up versions of Chikara and Aerith – originally supposed to be the mechs in the NWars Directorate storyline, which is, sadly, incomplete. Aerith (Who was going to be “Sakura” [Sakura and Chikara sounds like a pretty good set, huh?] [And “Chikara” is derived from CLAMP’s “Chi”]) is probably the most minor character in TIAIIS. Their character designs (Both almost a year and a half old, now) are both based off the stereotypical magical girl/school girl characters in stereotypical manga. I’ve got more to say about those two, but I’ll leave it for another time…

The second image is a sketch of the main character – Lloyd Wolf (Someone who can finally be considered “Commander Wolf”) – Lloyd comes from “Lloyd Irving” in Tales of Symphonia, and “Wolf” of course, is his last name, so that I CAN call him “Commander Wolf”. His character design is based on the character design of the main character in my FAILED RSOM6 submission. (He’s the guy in those two test comics I did a bit ago). The failed main character is in turn based on Raine and Genus Sage, also from Tales of Symphonia. Yuzuki, on the right, is based off of Yuzuki Kaoru from Starcrossed. In fact, her character design is almost identical, I’m not so sure about personality, though. Yuzuki Kaoru from Starcrossed never really got developed – no one in SC really got developed.

The last sketch has Virginia Wolf, on the left, and Cmdr. Ritz Blackwell on the right. Originally, the name Virginia came from Raine and Genus’s mother, Virginia Sage, again from ToS. As a sibling to Lloyd Wolf, her last name was obviously going to be Wolf. However, it happens that this can also be interpreted as a spoof of the writer, Virginia Woolf, who wrote in the end of the 1800’s and the early 1900’s. Her character design is once again based off of Lloyd’s, which is based off of Raine and Genus’s. Ritz is not actually used in TIAIIS, but her first name comes from Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, and Blackwell is my coach’s middle name. My coach being the basis of Admiral William Doughty, from SC. Ritz’s character design stems from Aerith, from FF7.

Ok, enough rambling for now.

PS: J, you should have archived my old updates along with yours. Maybe every three updates you should archive everything, regardless of the content’s age. I also hate how your html editor fscks up all my alignment.

PPS: First time J’s overridden my update. Usually it’s the other way around. And my coding would not be so messy if your damned editor would leave the file as I wrote it. And it could be worse – My coding could NOT work.

j68 – Sickness


There were a few small details in today’s comic that may have been lost by the reduced panel size in the six-panel layout. One of them is the drink that the Lesser Demon’s co-worker has: For those of you who cannot see it, it reads “Schwop! Mini Bucket”. This is again a reference to the Peterson’s AP Calculus prep book, which has a problem that describes making a can for Schwop! soda. However, the can is gigantic, and so (as the book says), comsumers have coined the term “Schwop buckets”.

Anyway, I’ve been spending some time editing the site on my computer (the edits are not loaded yet). My gosh, D-san’s code is messy. Missing tags, extra bits, etc. For those of you who don’t know html, it’s like…stuff floating around. Oh, fuhgeddaboutit.

j67 – Glue


Today’s comic idea hit me like a comet collides with a planet. Only with less of an impact. I have to say that the panels didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted them to (the last panel, in particular, gave me problems). Oh well.

In other news, it’s now very hard for me to contact D-san. Heck, I don’t even get to speak to him all that much. What happened? (No, some one did not set up us the bomb.) I have no idea. Come to think of it, what does he do all the time now? He’s not building lots of Lego MOCs, he has less homework than I do…the only thing I can think of is that he might be working on his RSOM entry, but I’m pretty sure he’s done with that by now…

j66 – Oops!


Alright, I archived the last set of text. Finally.

Response to D-san’s 9/19 rant: pirates have recently attacked a cruise ship. The cruise ship got away safely…

Also, today’s updates is one of those that was funny when I thought of it, but isn’t funny now that I look at it again. Oh well.

Anyway, continuing last time’s rant. So anyway, then I started taking the Studio Art. One requirement of the class was that we draw five sketches a week. The teacher, though, was not very strict, and he let me draw a full comic a week instead of drawing five sketches. Thus, for a while, I drew a full page of CRN manga each week, coloring the last one or two panels. Actually, the technician character was invented specifically for the manga. Another invention of the manga was the “Smack Counter”. This device looked like one of those counters with the rotary dials, and whenever someone was hit by someone else (usually Mr. Reporter being hit by Traf Ikjam), the counter would advance one number.

However, eventually that teacher left, and I had to start drawing sketches. The manga was good while it lasted though.

I also used to have a website for CRN. That site is now dead, though, since it no longer has hosting. Maybe I’ll revive it sometime…

j65 – Comeback

Sorry, but today’s comic is kind of an in-joke. Crummy Radio News (CRN for short) was this silly concept that I came up with way back on November 7, 2001. That’s right, the concept is 4 years old today. Anyway, the original point was to use up space in these “journal” entries I had to write for class, since the transcript format allowed me to use two lines every time someone spoke, but eventually the concept actually developed. Originally, I was only able to use it for free-form journals, but about a year later I began to use the characters to discuss things for journals that actually had topics. But, looking back, the episodes (yes, I call them that) that discussed real-world events just weren’t as funny and didn’t have the same character as the other transcripts. Also, the short, sudden appearance of characters just to cover particular topics (say, front-line war coverage or something like that) just didn’t fit the theme. Now that I look at it, the series is actually funnier when the only characters are the anchorman (Mr. Reporter), the traffic lady (Traf Ikjam), the financial guy (Prob Bice), the meteorologist (Incor Rect, also female), and the technician, and that any other news is just ignored. Plus, I can’t be bothered to think of other news…and this rant will continue next week!