dcomic 247a


Umm… nothing to say today, really. The punchline for this is J’s, which is why it is probably actually funny. I’ll have an anniversary (Of some thing or another) update next week (In other words, a rewrite of one of my life’s stories). Good health to all.

j85 – News Bulletin


Today’s webcomic provides a good explanation for its own existence. “Things happened”. This weekend, a whole lot of school assignments descended upon me. (The whole sequence of events smells of conspiracy. The Nonsense Wars Investion Bureau is looking into the matter.)

D-san’s rant seems to demand a response. Comment-by-comment:

>> “Justin thinks far too highly of the traffic to this site.”
Nope, I think I think just too highly enough of it.

>> “J always sounds like he adresses the reader as if there are a relatively large amount of readers.”
‘You’ can be either singular or plural. ‘Readers’ may refer to any number of readers greater than or equal to two, and I’m sure we have at least two.

>> “I can’t explain the feeling.”
Neither can I.

>> “(blog?)”
No, ‘rant’. ‘blog’ refers to the whole site, I think. ‘rant’ is one individual post.

dcomic 246


My own Pi day submission. Kinda like… whatever. J’s punchline, BTW.

So last week I said that I had something really good to write about.

Once in a while (Like every couple of months), I like to go back read through all the rants that I’ve written. More often than not, it’s just the rants and my rants at that, not even the comics really, except for one or two that I really like (Ie “A True Story”). And so, I was writing last week’s rant and thinking about browsing through old rants again when it dawned on me – the “rants” (More like blogs?) that I write aren’t targeted at anyone but myself.

Huh. What a revelation. When I read back on the old rants (blogs? journal entries?) I do indeed feel like I’m looking into my mind at a past date and saying like, “Oh, WTF was I thinking”, or, “that was a good idea”, whatever. I think for similar reasons people like to have their Xangas and Myspaces and whatnots, and I suppose it’s hypocritical when I scorn those Xangas and Myspaces when I’m essentially doing the same thing on this site.

But Xangas and Myspaces are still for wannabes, IMO (Wannabes for what? Who knows)

That perfectly brings me to Justin’s rant (Blog?). N-Wars has readers? What kind of crap is that? I continue to persist that Justin thinks far too highly of the site – or, actually, let me rephrase, he thinks too highly of the traffic to the site. IMO (Thus, J, please don’t take offense) J always sounds like he addresses the reader as if there are a relatively large amount of readers. However, the response and everything he gets always makes it reasonably evident to me that there isn’t a relatively large amount of readers. That J keeps addressing a large body says something.

Thus his “readers motivate me” statement seems well… I can’t explain the feeling.

Anyways, to answer J’s question as to what motivates me, we go back to my first comment that I write for myself. I also draw for myself. If you look at the first NWars episode’s quality and compare it to the quality of today’s update (And by quality I mean like… I dunno technique, style, whatever), I’d hope that anyone would see that the latter is superior. As I always try to actively improve my drawing ability, I like having a track record to compare comics and such against, and NWars is really a good tool in that sense. There are regular updates (Though they aren’t really all drawings these days) so that I can progression over the course of a week, or over a month, or over a year or two. If I keep at it, I can have a track record for whatever number of years I choose.

I said previously that NWars was a “short term” project. Well, I take it back, but it certainly isn’t the type of long term project that I’d think J’d have thought it to be when he refuted my “Short Term” rant (blog?)

j84 – And Stuff


Sorry that this update was not made yesterday. Our server had hiccups again.

Anyway, I have decided to just end the previous story mini-arc quickly, as there seems to be no real point in discussing how J-san got out of Hell (read: I couldn’t think of any punchlines for it). Come to think of it, this has been one of the longer mini-arcs, spanning 15 updates, with 10 actually involved in the telling of the arc. Okay, so maybe it’s not that long.

The other day, I checked the guestbook, and realized that there was an error — er, extra feature — in it. The “feature” has since been removed. As it prevented anyone from using the guestbook, I would have assumed someone would have told me about it had they used the guestbook. So, I am asking you readers again: Please leave some comments in the guestbook. I’m sure most of you enjoy our updates (or else you wouldn’t be reading this), and I’m sure it’s not that difficult for you to spend 20 seconds filling out a short guestbook entry. It lets us know that, yes, there are people out there reading this webcomic, which in turn motivates us. (Well, me at least. I’m not sure about D-san. Ask him!)

dupdate 060321


To those of you who read CLAMP’s manga, you may notice their overuse of cherry blossoms. Hence… ZOMG, it’s CLAMP season. Not really supposed to be funny, I just added the caption because one out of 10 ppl might get a kick outta it. It’s supposed to be for Monday’s illustration, BTW.

Justin said he was going to do a comic. Apparently he didn’t.

I had a drawing slump all week last week after the first picture. I had a great idea for a five drawing series, then ran outta time and said forget it. That’s the last time I ever try to do a series, since it never turns out the way you want it to. That goes for that really old DMG series, the Raine series, and this one.