dcomic 222


Well, it’s inconsistent and consistent at the same time, this update schedule. I mean, for three weeks now I’ve been able to get 2 pictures and a comic up, and this week I intend to do the same. However, the updating TIMES are really inconsistent because the amount of time I have to work on things are really inconsistent and so on and so forth. Thus, today’s comic will be up tommorrow.


dcomic 393


Well, remember a while ago when I claimed that NWars was a short term project? And then Justin goot pissed and he actually wrote a long rant to respond? Well, looks like my prediction is coming true.

If you ask me, it’s ironic that Justin is the one who said that it wasn’t a short term project and then he’s the one who doesn’t update anymore.

So yeah, NWars is dying. Oh well. We kept at it for four months or so, which is the length of most of my short term projects. It’s amazing how hard it is to keep updating after a while, and I’m really not sure why this comes about. It should have been just as easy to keep drawing comics this week as it was the first week. But, it wasn’t.

Anyways, I need to do hella homework, new picture today, new comic and picture on Friday, merry Christmas.

dcomic 392


Well, I’m getting back into the swing of things. Workload is still up, but I managed to do a comic for this week. Considering how simple next week’s comic SHOULD be, I can probably do one for next week as well, in addition to two more pictures.

You know, when you do something for fun, it is quite enjoyable, yeah, it’s hella obvious, but you know, it just came to mind as I was typing this. But when it becomes a weight on your back, it gets a lot worse, also obvious.

Well, NWars, as one can tell, is one example.

But the other one goes way back to 8th grade. Likewise, I was a YGO addict in 8th grade. (YGO = Yugioh, you know, the all popular TCG) And all the asian guys in my grade were addicts, and whatnot, and you know the drill. So like, we were all really serious, but everyone went to tournaments besides me. So everyone eventually ended up playing to win. And then everyone quit, and I kept playing it, as I didn’t start playing to win. Funny, huh?

Well, you know, eventually I got sick of it and quit.

And then J-san comes over one day, and it’s like, ‘Hey, let’s play YUGIOH!!!’. And then we brought our cards to school that day. And then the rest of our grade (Or the geeks at least, which IS basically 50% of the males in our grade) brings their cards. And boom, we got Yugioh back like that. It’s hilarious.

Alright, enough rambling.