J130 – Violence Continues


So as a random point of sadness, the folder holding all the website data on this computer (the one I’m currently typing on) is called “Nonsence Wars”. I guess I typed really fast when I first made it and didn’t think about it again afterwards.

In panel 3, Unit 518 looks Rikudou Koushi-esque. I guess that’s what comes of using that eye style. As for how she was able to stand up again so fast: l33t demon healing powers.

Watched Strike Witches over the weeked (well, what’s out anyway – basically a 7-minute mini episode on a promotional DVD). D says it was “weak sauce”, but I think that anything with mecha musume in it cannot possibly be “weak sauce”. Well, maybe, if the guy executing the concept has no idea what the heck he’s doing.

Well, then, that was a meandering rant. Until next week, bai~!

dcomic 418


Two more pages after this before I have to draw some new comics. If I want to keep up, that is. I’ll probably have plenty of other things to post by then, since part 4 is a bunch of fight scenes, and I need practice.

Erm, I have an entry I want to write, but I don’t feel like doing it now. So until next time.

J129 – Sketch Dump #3


Keno Colin’s Room just before the Senatorial coup. Okay, it’s got some backstory behind it I can’t really go into right now. Art history project about disguised symbolism. In this case, as Keno is a laid-back leader:

The open door represents his escapes from pressures.
The junk food, game console, dart board, his portrait on the wall, and the basketball hoop above the garbage can show how relaxed/laid-back he is.
The table with only one set of legs represents instability in the political system.

Lesser Demon at work Another art history project about what I think hell looks like. D-san says the number should be higher, but I figure that they just reset it every now and then, and besides, there’s probably more than one gate.

Old-school J-san See this if you’re confused. Anyway, I think this sketch turned out pretty well, despite the not-so-high quality of the source material (“classic” NWars art). There’s something really fun about using hatching to shade things…

Vis-tan Os-tan mascot for Windows Vista, based on a “standard” internet design for Vis-tan at the time it was drawn. Things have changed a bit since then, though. Explanations: “-tan” is the suffix for most mascot characters. “Vista-tan” gets contracted to “Vis-tan”, and since “vis” means “screw” in French, we get Phillips head screws as a motif.


Ooh eeh ooh ahh ahh
Ting tang walla walla bing bang
Ooh eeh ooh ahh ahh
Ting tang walla walla bang bang!

It’s finals week!

Sheesh, I sure used a lot of Wikipedia references in today’s update.

dcomic 417


Hmm. Well, on time for once. On a somewhat irrelevant note, I feel like I haven’t talked to J in forever. I get the feeling J’s not going to update tonight, but he usually ends up surprising me. So we’ll see. EDITED: Wow, J updated just as I was typing this.

Interestingly enough, this finals weekend has been most productive for me, especially the last couple hours. Two NWars related items have been completed: the entire set of drawings for storyarc Part 3 and the compilation of storyarc Part 2 that I have been ranting about for a while. I actually had the compilation done a awhile ago, but I was unhappy with so of the edits and opted for full out re-draws.

The Part 2 compilation is from “Enemy of the State” (episode28; NWC00201_378) all the way up to “And So It Began” (d79; NWC00223_399). “Iyama Corp” (episode36; NWC00207_a01) and “Directorate” (episode37; NWC00208_a02) have been completely redrawn while “Fack You #2” (d45; NWC00216_393b) has been “overhauled”. In addition, some of the strips have had their text tweaked, but nothing to warrant more of these fatty links.

Umm, the whole thing is 12MB and can be found here. It’s 12MB and I dunno how much space or bandwidth we have, so if it proves to be a problem, I’ll have to do something about it. Although I’m probably overestimating how much of each we are using.

Part 3, running up to #421 (The current page is #417) also includes some fillers and will probably contain the entire “Aeirth Intro Arc”, the last page of which I never posted.