J236 – Colored Sketch – Lesser Demon (Swimsuit ver.)

[4/28/2009] It’s become rather warm out here now, annoyingly enough. So, in honor of the heat (?), here’s the Lesser Demon prepped for swimming. I was trying out a new technique here; I guess it’s not quite working.

Also, two of my projects for school are effectively due this week.

Yeah, suck.

J235 – ROUGH Sketch – Train Shaman

[4/13/2009] So, here we have a rough sketch that’s probably going to become my next actual colored work (as in, inking and everything). Basically, the concept stems from a random thought I had some time ago: “Most summoners in RPGs and whatnot usually summon demons or beasts of various kinds. What if they summoned locomotives instead?” Hence, you get this product of my fevered imagination. We’ll see where this goes.

Rage of the Week:

(Apologies for the bad foreshortening…)

Okay, so it’s more like “Exasperation of the Week” rather than “Rage of the Week”, but still. I was pretty irritated Friday. Basically, in this one class we’re building machines to participate in a contest, but nobody ever seems to put their drill bits back when they’re done with them, so I couldn’t find a particular size I needed to keep working on mine. Seriously people, if you’re in a shared workspace, put shit back when you’re done with it.

Did I just write an actual rant there? *stares at hands and trembles*

Okay, time to watch more ToraDora! So good~~

dcomic 498


Largely as expected, I got one panel of 531 done over the course of the academic week. Then, along with my work, hashed out the other five panels today. So we’re done through 531. I have a feeling next week will go along the same pattern with respect to the comic.

So, two weeks ago I was talking about commenting on the old entries, but I realized this was a really daunting task. So really, there’s a lot less hate in the current entries than there was in the early ones. A lot of the early entries talk about how crappy the art is, how crappy the site, and how crappy everything is in general. I feel like right in the middle of the 100-200 area there was an entry where I totally raged, but after that it kinda tapered out. I’m not really sure what caused this trend. Concerning art, I’d like to say I’ve taken a more objective stance on my drawing, but as mortals we’re always going to be biased in some way or another.

I still think the comic in episode3 is one of the best ones evar.

The dead day? That doesn’t happen to me anymore. Ok, I probably just jinxed myself. Ok, it actually does happen. There are days where I feel like the art is significantly worse than that of other days. But the reason, I feel isn’t anymore that there are days where I just can’t draw, it’s more there are days where I don’t want to take the time to draw at the higher end of my spectrum. Those are the days like today where I’m just trying to hash out a page for the sake of getting one damned page closer to the end of the comic. I don’t really whine about it as even the poor quality art these days is much higher than the best quality art near the beginning of the site.

That the site has a real sliver of traffic is one thing that hasn’t changed. I’ve pretty given up on that.

In episode 14 and 15, I’m talking about fixing something in my figures. I glanced over it and said whatever. This sort of thing really doesn’t happen anymore; I don’t think it ever happened after this little mumbo-jumbo. You know, overall I think my art is fairly solid these days. And I’m making that judgement myself; just from looking at other figures and the world around me; I haven’t really gotten any feedback on it for a really long time now. So, confidence or delusion? You choose.

The start of the current storyline. episode16. Episode fuckin 16. The date is two-thousand fuckin four. Whodathunk it’d still be going on now. Two-thousand fuckin nine.

Ha, ha, talking about my drawing process at the start of the strip. This has changed many times over, just not recently. The ultimate idea is verey much the same though: put down a rough layer and do a “real” layer ontop of that. Back then it was tracing paper; now it’s just lighter pencil and darker pencil. At the same time, I still suck with a pen, though I’m sure my ability with a tablet has increased greatly. I’m not even sure I had my tablet in 2004!

Legos! I haven’t had the time to build anything for a really long time. Quite unfortunate.

Oh, the stockpile. It was really hard to maintain this back in the day. Three comics a week is insane. Even if they’re all 4-koma, just coming up with ideas for three 4-komas a week is insane. The drawing for four 4-komas is 12 panels (albeit generally small ones); each comic page today averages five or six! It was almost twice the work per week back then; we musta had a lot of energy. Any webcomic that gets three updates out a week gets my respect. Even shitty ones.

DMG artwork as a benchmark? Yep, still do that. 2009 edition is due sometime…

I was going to go on for maybe twice as long, but work took over here, so that’s it.

J234 – Sketch – RAAAAAAGE

[4/7/2009] Man, I hate my materials class sometimes. So poorly organized~~~

So yeah, a lot of work collapsed on me yesterday and Sunday. In frustration I drew this, and it turned out pretty well. Quick pencil sketch, then inked with an (admittedly nice) ball-point pen (as opposed to my usual Micron pens — I wanted a “gritty” feeling). Perhaps I should RAAAAAAGE more frequently?