j45 – Staying Power


I just noticed that while the header for D-san’s comic read “D-san Comic”, the header for my comic reads “J-san Comic!”, with an exclamation point. Now I feel special.

You may have, just maybe, noticed that today’s comic is bigger than usual. I was fed up with the how little detail the small panels showed, so I enlarged them and changed the edge ratios while I was at it (from 260×330 to 666×550). So there you are. It takes longer to load, but it looks a lot nicer, doesn’t it?

Also, interestingly enough, the situation right now is a reversal of the situation a few weeks back. While it used to be that Derek updated and I didn’t, now I update and he doesn’t. Of course, with my comic below his, some of you may never even notice that I updated.