j81 – Girlyness


Today’s comic would probably have turned out better if I had had those manga-background tone thingies. You know, like in panel 2 Chris could have this big white lightning bolt going across the background, for extra emphasis on his shocking discovery. I would have used it again in panel 6. Plus, I wanted to use that girl-comic/romance scene bubble background in panel 5. Oh well.

On another note, it appears that D-san’s update schedule is becoming, “Updates sometimes, with an average of one a week”. Or that’s what he told me anyway.


j80 – Analogy


So, I’m back to inking, because it looks much better. Of course, it also subjects me to a higher chance of screwing up while making the comic, because of Murphy’s Law (if something can go wrong, it will go wrong).

In other news, the guestbook returneth! Go see! Go sign!

dupdate 060214

[100601: Dead link]


Since I have nothing else (Or I do, but I’m too lazy to scan/upload, whatever), I’m posting this Starcrossed anniversary art that I never got around to coloring, but will probably try to do in the near future.

I have a lot of other things I could rant about, but I don’t really think any of it is relevant – the most relevant thing would be that the exterior of the Kagurazaka is almost done (Minus two main guns and six smaller guns; in total there are 6 main guns and 6 smaller guns, all laser batteries)

I’ve been watching Akazukin Chacha recently… they only have up to episode 8 though…

dcomic 398


Not much to say here. I’ve been working on the Kagurazaka, so this isn’t shaded or anything. I think the whole shading thing is too much trouble anyways, I’ll probably just stick with good old pencils.

I watched Saikano just recently (And a LEGAL copy at that (gasp)). It’s an [obscure?] anime where everyone dies in the end and is really quite depressing on the whole.

j78 – Ruler of?


Hey there! Sorry I took down the guestbook. Again, thanks to everyone who posted. It was good to know we still had devoted readers, and several of the posts helped me to identify bugs — er, features — in the code that could be fixed. The new version of the guestbook should be up sometime soon.

Anyway, about the comic … I was going for the Azuma-esque “shocked” look in the third panel, but Azuma never had a sunglasses-wearing character. So I did it my own way. However, now it looks vaguely School Rumble-ish … not much I can do about that.

Also, I now have a MOCPages account, so those of you interested can go check it out.