J158 – Flight of Fancy; Obstacle Avoidance


Sorry about the delay. I finally found a nice scanner in the MIT copy center, so here is the good version of the 4koma. These two are based on events that actually happened when Sam and I took some simple RC planes to fly at the park. The original, crude version can be seen here. D-san is really getting to work on his comics. I remeber the times we each were able to put out 3 a week … vaguely. What happened?

dcomic 433


So here we are at 433. My college move-in date is September 18th and classes start on the 24th (Which reminds me of the fact that I need to register for classes sometime in the immediate future. Yeesh).

I had this great idea to draw a full quarter of a year’s worth of comics before I left such that I wouldn’t have to draw any updates for my first college quarter yet still be able to have a consistent stream of comics. Initially that was to be 52/4 = 13 comics: 433 – 446 (inclusive). A bit later I realized that if all my updates through the 24th (exclusive) were comics as well it would add another three comics. I’d have to go from 433 to 450 (inclusive). Then I realized that my actual school quarter will be less than 13 days. And indeed it will be. It’ll be 12. So to my full quarter’s worth of comics I’ll actually have to go from 433 to 449 (inclusive).

I’m working on 442.

In the past five days I’ve drawn eight comic pages; historically (in the sense that NWars is only 3 years old) this is a blazing fast rate of 1.8 comic pages per day for five days. That was kicked off by a three comic page in a day burst on the first day. Today I will most probably finish 442, bringing the average to 1.5 comic pages per day for 6 days. Now if this doesn’t seem very fast just take note that on 06/08/29 we were at 406. (433 – 406)/365 is a “historic” rate of 0.07 comic pages per day over the course of a year.

In elementary school I managed 0.11 comic pages per day over the course of five years, though that information is really quite irrelevant to anything NWars related.

Anyways, with part four comic to an end around 450 (I’m guessing) some of my earlier NWars sketches and drawings are fast becoming things that could have actually occurred in the story rather than some random this and that. Others will start becoming relevant in the coming parts of the story, specifically stuff like the image currently set as the banner. I don’t think I ever intended for that to happen maybe the illustrations have been subconsciously guiding my writing of the story or something queer like that. I must say though, the characters have come a long way from those initial sketches; I’m relatively impressed.

As it stands the entire directorate arc should run through at least a part 7 or 8. At one comic a week for 52 weeks a year, this is going to be more than a year and a half from the end of part 4. Can’t believed I make that sort of an estimation? Neither can I…

Alright, until next time.

EDIT: While planning ahead for the story, I jotted down a quick summary of the entire directorate storyline through 432. If anyone is interested in such a summary, it can be found here. This link has been added to my little signature type thing for future reference. It will be updated from time to time. I think.

dupdate 070815


It seems I’m writing another entry (was about to type in “airplane” and then typed “rant”) on a plane somewhere; this time over the Pacific ocean, just past the international date line, eight hours out of Hong Kong. I don’t really have anything to say so I’m just going to fill up space with whatever comes to mind… chances are it ain’t a lot.

So this update (or lack of one) is late because I haven’t drawn anything in the past two weeks aside from some really crappy sketches; London/Paris/Singapore/Hong Kong just aren’t very production conducive (is that a word?) locations. Not to mention I don’t have a scanner or tablet or any really helpful input device of any sort which isn’t very production conducive either.

I hate travelling. I hate being without my “stuff”. Hong Kong is generally ok because we have a permanent residence there, but touring places… not so much. By stuff I mean stuff like scanners and tablets and so on and so forth. One good thing I’ve noticed on this trip (and really, it was before the trip actually started, fifteen freaking days ago) is that the secondary battery from my D830 is compatible with my 500m. I knew the power brick was compatible, but not this battery.

Well, I got graduation money from some of my relatives, so I bit the bullet and splooged some. Meaning, I bought figurines. Good grief I tried not to, but a friend of mine and his cousin took me to some cheap(er) places… so I couldn’t resist. I bought a small one for J (belated birthday present), but in retrospect he might have it already. Speaking of J, his birthday (I believe) falls on the same day as my dad’s…

Anyways, it’s really nice that this extra battery pretty much triples the battery life of this thing. I can actually watch some anime on the plane. I also like how modern power bricks can almost all take both 120v and 230v inputs. Quite handy for travelling. But this is the fifth paragraph and I’m overstaying my welcome. Hopefully some sort of graphic update will go along with this entry… eventually.

Ok, well, these are pictures of a papercraft I did a couple weeks ago. I don’t think they’ve been posted yet, so here we are.

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The model, courtesy of J, is of a Vanship from the anime “Last Exile”.