Hello everyone! I am recovering from strep throat~~~~~ For those of you who think I’ve missed out on the epic heat wave by being in Northern California (70s to 80s here, yay), I’ve had my own personal heat wave — in the hundreds. I sure hope I heal up soon.

So yeah, space week has been EXTENDED so that I can actually make a post. orz. This one is recycled content, albeit something I’ve never posted before.

A few years ago I went on a cruise with Sam. During the cruise we had the idea of writing (sam) and illustrating (me) a space story that was sort of in the vein of Star Trek — ship’s crew goes wandering through the universe, finds strange stuff, etc. I am temporarily naming the concept “Sam-space” because we never came up with a name for it. Today I’m going to post some concept art for some of the spacecraft from that universe.

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Filler – Pillow

Because I was totally hosed this weekend by work, my sister was kind enough to provide fillers. Yay sister~!


So yeah, this week I was hosed, so my sister provided awesome fillers! (She previously drew this filler here.) The concept behind the second one is like 3 years old by now; it was funny when we thought of it (we were fluffing a particularly fluffy pillow). I tried to get her to write the rant too, but she was busy.

So yeah, I’ve kind of been uninspired lately. Well, rather, I don’t have a particularly fine grasp of where I want the plot to go, so I should probably plan that out before it crashes *cough*Sandstorm*cough*. Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.

Okay, update next week, hopefully?

Filler – Pudgey Death


Hi everyone! I’m back from NASA. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time during the last week to work on a comic, so my sister has prepared a filler. Her rant follows.

Hey! Auddi, reporting for duty! Though I highly doubt anyone actually bothers to read this, I guess I’ll babble anyways…

I didn’t come up with the idea for this comic, more of a combination of J’s deafness and somebody’s not-so-good english (original image). Anyhoo, I think I got a bit lazy doing this, so it’s not my best art, but if you have any comments, I’d love to hear them, though I don’t know how… *cough* fixtheguestbook. *cough* mmm…kaythnxbai.

J145 – Irony Tree

Sam came up to me a few weeks ago with a good idea and offered to do a guest comic. But today, he said he couldn’t finish it fast enough to make today’s update. So I did it myself. Presenting a vicarious guest-comic by Sam:


So, today’s comic is a tribute to xkcd, one of the more unusual webcomics out there. Very creative, though. I wish I had thought up a lot of his jokes…

But yeah. If sam ever does his own rendition of this idea, I will post it. See, me doing this instead of him is a result of burning too much filler material on this update. Oh well.

J125 – “D-san Presents!” #4

[12/25/2006] Meri Kurizumazu~! I know this messed-up wording has been seen before, but this time, I found it on my own! The line “Supervise children during baking” appeared on the back of a package of clay.

Anyway, today we’ve got some π-tan fanart from my sister! Although π-tan’s clothing may look like solidly colored blocks in the picture, there are actually shadows on the original. It was colored with colored pencils, and I guess that the different tones didn’t show up so well. It looks really good in person, though. I ought to get around to posting some of the other stuff she’s drawn.

Alright, happy holidays, everynyan~!

33 – Kcomic 2 || Evil Minion


Alright, in the light of J not doing his comic, we have a comic, by our very own author of the Militate comics, Kooliop AKA Mr. WANG. Soon to be the webmaster at

And, just tell you all, he says Bush smells. Like fart.

Mr Kung Fu Dude: lemme do the comic
C0mmander W0lf: lol
Mr Kung Fu Dude: ahaha
Mr Kung Fu Dude: great idea
Mr Kung Fu Dude: great idea
Mr Kung Fu Dude: for comic
Mr Kung Fu Dude: lemme take a piss
Mr Kung Fu Dude: and a few minutes to make it
Mr Kung Fu Dude: HAHHAHA!
Mr Kung Fu Dude: and I just got a Great new banner Idea
Mr Kung Fu Dude: I have a Pot of a Clown
Mr Kung Fu Dude: and the dirt is heald near his male area
C0mmander W0lf: pot of clown?
Mr Kung Fu Dude: and theres a cactus there
Mr Kung Fu Dude: that looks like..
Mr Kung Fu Dude: hahaha
Mr Kung Fu Dude: I pot that looks like a Clown
C0mmander W0lf: erm
C0mmander W0lf: alright
Mr Kung Fu Dude: Im sorry mr 2nd grade english honors
Mr Kung Fu Dude: hahaha
Mr Kung Fu Dude: there
Mr Kung Fu Dude: ill post in militate comics
C0mmander W0lf: alright
C0mmander W0lf: you finished already?
C0mmander W0lf: dang


DONE. That’s what I have to say to school. DONE. That’s what I’ve been wanting to say all week. AND now I can say it with the knowledge that I AM DONE. TAKE THAT FREAKING SCHOOL!!! TAKE THAT!!!

Well, I’ve been slowly easing back into drawing comics. It’s amazing how out of it I am, having not drawn anything for the past two weeks. More rantage tommorrow, right now, I laugh at Justin, who has missed three updates, to my none.