d332 110725 post space week 1


Well, this update really belongs in space week… it just didn’t actually happen during space week.

This is a painting of the ship I was doodling last week. It’s pretty shitty, but I hashed it out pretty quick and I don’t really have much of an idea of how the heck I should paint machines. The lineart is also kinda bleh… but pseudo intentional. I like the rear engine cluster, but that’s about it.

This should be the end of several out of order updates as well. This is d332, which should, if I recall correctly, should actually be the “latest” update. The following notes about storage were nonetheless originally written for d327, but they have moved around a lot since then.

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Hello everyone! I am recovering from strep throat~~~~~ For those of you who think I’ve missed out on the epic heat wave by being in Northern California (70s to 80s here, yay), I’ve had my own personal heat wave — in the hundreds. I sure hope I heal up soon.

So yeah, space week has been EXTENDED so that I can actually make a post. orz. This one is recycled content, albeit something I’ve never posted before.

A few years ago I went on a cruise with Sam. During the cruise we had the idea of writing (sam) and illustrating (me) a space story that was sort of in the vein of Star Trek — ship’s crew goes wandering through the universe, finds strange stuff, etc. I am temporarily naming the concept “Sam-space” because we never came up with a name for it. Today I’m going to post some concept art for some of the spacecraft from that universe.

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d330 110721 space week 2


Well, this is the backup drawing because I don’t have anything. The second drawing I was going to do currently consists of one 1/8th thumbnail and a blank page. In generally just had a lot of eBay stock to process this week, and I spent a lot of time puttering around. It doesn’t help that J’s been sick, so he hasn’t been drawing, which has definitely decreased my motivation somewhat.

Anyway, this is a Slick Wheels class locomotive drawn at the beginning of this year. The round windows are supposed to be like those found on some ships and some Japanese trains. Japanese diesels always seem to have the strangest wheel arrangements.

The rest of this post is dedicated to one year with the x200t.

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d327 110718 space week 1


So, this is update 1 (most likely of 2) for “space week”. I’m basically going to go through the re-development of this ship that I drew a long time ago. This is the “Normandie”, which I believe, is an obvious reference to the French ship of the same name from the 1930s. This drawing was done sometime between 2000 and 2003, and is the basis for this “refresh”.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to present to you the VERY FIRST Nonsense Wars Theme Week! As the banner above may have alerted you, it is now SPACE WEEK!

For our first theme week, we decided to go with something fairly straightforward: Space. To kick us off, I decided to make a new (temporary (?)) banner in the style of silly 1950s sci-fi; ridiculous skintight uniforms, ray guns with pointless circular shielding lens-bits, etc. It’s supposed to look a bit dorky, and I think I managed to convey what I wanted to. Probably needs a few more pointless bits on the guns and uniforms.

As you may have gathered, Derek draws a lot of space stuff. The two of us have a shared universe we came up with, but he’s the one who’s done most of the illustrating of stuff that’s in there. It’s probably been a couple years since I drew a starship, but even before that I didn’t draw that much in the way of big space stuff the way Derek does. I have some old sketches for some stuff I was planning with Sam I might be able to dig up.

Anyway, please enjoy the theme week while it lasts. We’ll probably be doing themed weeks every now and then, interspersed among normal weeks.

dupdate 110715


J and I keep having style discussions that I feel like documenting and posting before all the computing stuff I usually end up writing about, so there’s going to be a ton of “out of order” updates. That being said, today’s character sketch is Mio from K-ON.

The reason I chose Phryne, Motoko, and Mio is that they’re fairly similar such that if I did a “direct” conversion of each into “my” style, I think they’d all look about the same. The point of this exercise was to try to make the conversion without getting rid of some of the subtleties that differentiate the three, the whole balance between my style, their style, and the character sort of thing.

Like I said before, whether or not this was successful, I don’t know. They all have some panels that do a fairly good job capturing character and some that, well, don’t. Despite what I say about Akamatsu’s influence, the Motoko page wasn’t actually any easier than the others. If anything the Kyoto Animation moe-blob style was the easiest to replicate. At the same time, most of my reference for the latter was from official art, whereas most of my reference for the former two was from fanart, so I had try harder to maintain a given style, etc.

This method of painting has suddenly become really charming to me, and I think I might invest some time in doing a “proper” colored work in the same way.

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dupdate 110713


Well, there was supposed to be some space thing going on, but that didn’t happen, so I’m posting more of these character things. As I mentioned I tried to be real pro and hash these out real fast, but the quality seems to have suffered a bit. If I continue this series, which I think I will, I’ll probably take my time again. This update’s sketch is Motoko from Love Hina.

Yesterday when we were chatting online, J brought up a couple points that I’ve covered ad infinitum, so obviously I’m going to address them again.

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J313 – Name

I thought this would be a good idea for a business card, but I never got around to sketching it out until now. Way back in second grade we had this assignment to make our name out of drawings. You had to first use pencil to draw out each letter of your name as a picture; for instance, I used an airplane crossing in front of a building to make a “t”. You then used carbon paper (!) to transfer the drawing to another piece of paper. The copy was then colored. I have these in the house somewhere, so I’ll try to post them sometime.

dupdate 110709


Well, a slightly different kind of fanart from me this time. I liked J’s idea of doing the character sketches, but I tried to put a spin on it. Kind of going off of what I said in d325, I’m trying something like balancing between my style, their style, and the character, but as with any of these sorts of experiments, the success or failure is debatable.

Anyway, this is Phryne from Fractale. I was going to try to be real pro and hash out a bunch of these real fast, but me being real slow coupled with an unexpected hardware failure (I suppose those are usually unexpected), has led to only this one being complete or even in progress. This is also the first non-full-page colored anything I’ve done for… well, a long time.

I last discussed equipment shuffling very recently in d313, but even the best plans of mice and men…

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