37 – Experiment 1 || Directorate


Don’t email me to tell me that there’s a plot discrepancy, because I’m going to deal with it. Soon. I hope.


The comic is delayed. It is unfortunate. I did a reformat on the comp and forgot to save the text, so even though I have truckloads of drawings done ahead of time, I can’t do anything about the comic itself. Wow, what competent planning.

So to kick off the New Year, and to give you some reading material whilst I wait for J to check his Email, get pissed, and then Email (Or not email) me the Wild Words font, I’ll briefly go over the not so complicated history of NWars.

You know, the concept is only about 6 months old. And I’m already messing with the original idea. Way back while I was still doing Starcrossed in March or April, J-san was doing his original manga series, CRN (Crummy Radio News) he tried to do a storyline about one radio station duking it out with another radio station. Random enough. Then he got to the point where we couldn’t take that storyline anywhere (Sheesh, it was only like 7 pages), and dumped it. Go J.

I’m not quite sure if this is what prompted him to come up with the NWars concept, but a couple days (Or weeks, I don’t remember how long between events) later he came up with a doodling of the original NWars logo, and some random doodles. The point, he said, of NWars, was to not have to do a storyline, and to make more random, funnier comics (Now you can see how I am deviating from this concept). Thus NWars was born. I don’t have the original logo or any of the doodles, but here’s an early NWars which hasn’t been posted yet [100522: Dead link]. And of course, I was busy with Starcrossed and all, but what the heck, I did a single NWars during those months. As you can see, D-san doesn’t look like D-san, and J-san doesn’t look like J-san.

That was the beginning.

Then there was that webcomic issue. Not sure who came up with this one, but the idea stuck. So of course, I drafted a site (That was the original version, with it’s billions and billions of little pictures). The first draft of NWars, if anyone bothered to see it. (Beware of my cussing whilst I was talking to myself. It was late, and I was tired).

Then came the concept drawings. OH BOY! Wow has there been a style change. The style at the time was that of Reflection, an awkward 5 head high figure with EXTREMELY pointy chins, cheeks, and narrow eyes. Man, was it terrible. So of course, going into NWars, I figure I better change that.

The absolute first drafts of D-san.

The absolute first drafts of J-san.

The absolute first draft of Mad Scientist J-san.

And, a bit later, the first drafts of CHOBIT 1, who still doesn’t have a name… I’m still thinking ‘Chikara’.

[100522: Four dead links]

And the viewers know what happened from then. We got the site running on Sept 1st, though there was that filler for so many weeks before. It went from 0 viewers a day to about 30 viewers per day now, and some big 166 record somewhere in there. This stupid site has been changed three times now, and I’m fed up with the four panel format, but whatever. It’s getting along.


36 – D Parody! || Iyama Corp


J’s parody picture hates me. I deleted it twice in a row. TWICE IN A FACKING ROW. At least I got the picture back up, if not the rant.


Now, there will be an NWars documentary as a random rambling when I get back, and have access to my old logs. I’ll get to it, specially since there wasn’t anything on Christmas.

New banner!

34 – Irrelevant Webcomic || New Book


Erg. Not having comics sucks. Very bad. This comic was supposed to run earlier, but I had to go somewhere. Hence the filler.

Apologies to David Morgan-Mar for today’s comic.


[100522: Dead link]

This is a photo of the new Alpha Team ‘Ice Blade’ from Lego. I got it 50% off at thr Toys R Us in Hong Kong. Yay. Go Christmas.

From the title, you can obviously tell today’s random rambling is really going to be a random rambling. I mean, once in a blue moon I actually get a bit rant-y, but not today. It’s vacation, and there isn’t anything to rant about. Except maybe J-san’s continuing inability to get comics in on time…

Check the gallery update box. I finally got off my lazy butt and put some dumpbox pictures there. There’d be more if I had a flatbed scanner in Hong Kong, but I don’t… Maybe I try using the ole’ digi cam.

Anyways, I bought a thing of those good pigmint ink pens, and attempted to try inking stuff. Like what J used to do, the pencil, then the ink, etc. If you do the pencil really light, and use the pen like a brush, it turns out pretty good. If I could learn to tone, I think we’d be seeing more NWars in pen…

Oh, I tried a pen/colored pencil experiment. It blew. Here in Hong Kong the standard thing of electricity coming out of the outlet is 260v AC. And they use these stupid British plugs. We’re out of adapters. It blows. (BTW, in the words of Mike Spirtos: “You suck”… “You swallow”…)

Anyways, that was so not PG 13. I played Yugioh with my brother. I have a 1:15 loss ratio…

Alright, I’ll have some more gallery updates when I get my flatbed back.

33 – Kcomic 2 || Evil Minion


Alright, in the light of J not doing his comic, we have a comic, by our very own author of the Militate comics, Kooliop AKA Mr. WANG. Soon to be the webmaster at Rawr.com.

And, just tell you all, he says Bush smells. Like fart.

Mr Kung Fu Dude: lemme do the comic
C0mmander W0lf: lol
Mr Kung Fu Dude: ahaha
Mr Kung Fu Dude: great idea
Mr Kung Fu Dude: great idea
Mr Kung Fu Dude: for comic
Mr Kung Fu Dude: lemme take a piss
Mr Kung Fu Dude: and a few minutes to make it
Mr Kung Fu Dude: HAHHAHA!
Mr Kung Fu Dude: and I just got a Great new banner Idea
Mr Kung Fu Dude: I have a Pot of a Clown
Mr Kung Fu Dude: and the dirt is heald near his male area
C0mmander W0lf: pot of clown?
Mr Kung Fu Dude: and theres a cactus there
Mr Kung Fu Dude: that looks like..
Mr Kung Fu Dude: hahaha
Mr Kung Fu Dude: I pot that looks like a Clown
C0mmander W0lf: erm
C0mmander W0lf: alright
Mr Kung Fu Dude: Im sorry mr 2nd grade english honors
Mr Kung Fu Dude: hahaha
Mr Kung Fu Dude: there
Mr Kung Fu Dude: ill post in militate comics
C0mmander W0lf: alright
C0mmander W0lf: you finished already?
C0mmander W0lf: dang


DONE. That’s what I have to say to school. DONE. That’s what I’ve been wanting to say all week. AND now I can say it with the knowledge that I AM DONE. TAKE THAT FREAKING SCHOOL!!! TAKE THAT!!!

Well, I’ve been slowly easing back into drawing comics. It’s amazing how out of it I am, having not drawn anything for the past two weeks. More rantage tommorrow, right now, I laugh at Justin, who has missed three updates, to my none.


32 – Catching up with D || CHOBIT


Guess who didn’t draw a comic over the weekend?


I are stallink. Well, crap, life is making me stall. I’m in freaking school, not a full time artist, which is not exactly to my preference, but meh. MEH, I tell you, MEH.

Anyways, I drew five comics over Thanksgiving Break, and that Author’s Note Comic in Arizona, and on Friday, my stockpile runs out. Seriously, I haven’t done any real drawing since Thanksgiving, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten how to draw. Oh fun, this probably means there’ll be a style change or whatnot.

Well, I know what I’m going to draw for next Monday and next Friday, and what the long term plot (Maybe even for the entire thing of 2005) will be. That’ll only be 104 comics, so I’ll see what I can do then. And for any matter, my Domain and hosting runs out in August… whee. Anyhow, I just need to draw… hopefully Christmas break gives me enough time to do FIFTEEN comics, and then I’ll not have to draw anything until February. OMFG.

Alright, whatever, I’m out of time to write more.

31 – Back Again || Evil Plan


See, D-san goes off on one larger plot-line, and I go off on one smaller one. Now you readers can be doubly confused.


Buy copies of Starcrossed – Only $6! Email me today! Whee!

Speaking of which, I’ll do gallery updates again real soon. I promise. I have content. Whee.

Anyways, there is no rant. I’m modelling a Beyer Garratt NGG11 in Legos, which is taking huge amounts of my time. The model is essentially done, save a few touch ups and stuff. And I have to work out the damn smoke unit, which is… umm… dysfunctional.

I was GOING to model an NGG16, of which there are more built, I think, but I didn’t really have enough wheels for it, nor did I want to build the blockier tender and boilers… Though the NGG16’s do have more detail to work with…


I finished the NGG11. I rebuilt my K1, and went through 90% of the material I need for the research thing I have to do. Now I just have to write it. Anyways, back to the Garratt, it’s 52 studs long, about eight bricks high (A stud is shorter than a brick), and takes up approximately 750-1250 pieces. How do I know that latter statement? I guessed.

You know, the really hard part about building these locomotives is the drive base. Getting all the cylinders and the wheels to fit together without excessive friction requires a whole ton of placing, and replacing; shaping and reshaping. The front truck (Considering the drive base is articulated 4-4-4-4, the front truck is the first set of four) went through at least nine variations before I settled on the current design, which involves this wierd SNOT (Studs Not On Top) ing to get the sides of the cylinders to line up and stuff. The second truck went through almost as many changes before I went about duplicating both trucks on the other end. The drive rods were relatively simple to get together.

The front and rear ‘boxes’ are the tender and the water tank. They look the same on the real thing, and they look the same on the model, but they aren’t the same on the model. The tender, after a variation that made it a brick higher than the water tank, was made to hold a couple inches of wire for the unfunctional smoke unit atop the boiler. It is made with gaps so that you can connect another cable out of the tender and into a trailing car which might hold a battery box. That other car looks like crap, so I don’t use it, thus the smoke unit is unfunctional.

the cab and boiler are relatively low compared to the heights of regular production Lego trains. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think it’s because Lego baseplates tend to add that extra plate or two of hight to their locomotives or whatnot. Anyways, it was made, unlike the first cab of the K1 to actually house a minifig. The entire boiler assembly was probably the easiest thing to model here.

Anyways, never did get those galleries up, and I don’t know why I’m wasting time writing stuff nobody will read (I mean, who cares about the technical aspect of this thing?), maybe next time I’ll waste your time with comments on the K1. Alright, good luck to J on finishing his tank engine.


30 – Return || Authors Notes


Woot. D-san draws seven panels, gets to skip the rant. I like the original dialogue in the “rant-comic” better. D-san, you shouldn’t put yourself down so much. And I do like StarCrossed. Or by “this comics” (comics?), do you mean the “rant-comic”? I liked that one too…


Today is the day I try to sell more copies of Starcrossed, but I don’t think I’ll sell any because there are too few readers, and even fewer ppl who care to buy an earlier, not as good work. So I’ll tell the story behind Starcrossed, just to make a point to this random rambling.

So, it was even earlier than Arizona of last year that I concieved a storyline for something I could draw, something much longer than any continuous story I had done before, the longest having been less than fifteen pages. So the idea for a science-fiction/mild romance was in my head almost a month before I took the trip to the 2003 Holiday Festival swim meet in Arizona, at ASU.

Whatever the case, we, meaning Dylan and I, two fellow artists, were doing what we dub a ‘drawing session’, when through some course of action, I was motivated to start drawing the first few pages of Starcrossed.

29 – Interruption || Last Time


Derek goes to the Arizona swim meet again. This means, the plot for Starcrossed is now one year old, since he first came up with the plot at the same meet last year. What’s really funny is that the namesake of the main character in Starcrossed hasn’t even read the whole thing yet. At least, I think not…


Well, today’s update is two days early!!! Or actually, it’s one day early, since I always update on Thursdays anyways. Why? Well, I probably won’t have internet in Arizona, or at least not at an extravagant price.

Well, let’s not go into a life story since I don’t have that much time right now, but I’ve been swimming competitively for more than four years now, and I used to REALLY dislike it, but you know, times change.

So, for the seconds year in a row, I qualified for this regional level meet in Arizona (Though only in one event, but you get freebies for making it), but don’t get the idea that that’s really good, since it isn’t. The qual time I made was one of the slower ones, proportionally, etc.

So I’ll be gone for four days, this Thursday to Sunday and back on Monday, having raced more than two miles by that time. (Yep, I do long distance – 1650, 1000, 500, 200 Free + Albeit randomly, 50 fly). Erm… yeah, not much rant there, but whatever.

Some site stuff – I should write offensive stuff more often, and make J-san fill his rant columns more often. I don’t think I made a single outright COMPLAINT anywhere in the last rant, contrary to his rant, he just interprets it that way because I pissed him off. Whee.