dupdate 100822


Okay, today’s update is a bunch of reference pictures… of ships. This is the first time these ships have been “formally” planned out in any way. Some of these references have been used for a while now (like I used the Symphonia and Ultima refs near the end of the Directorate story arc), but others are, well, new.

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J284 – Manual Override

This one was inspired by a conversation with Sam, but for some reason it’s taken me several months to actually turn it into a comic. It’s been done with “greyscale bucketing” color technique, seen in this update. (By the way, “Bad Apple” in that update is a reference to this). Again, it’s done by first pencilling in red, inking, then taking out the red digitally. Erasing the red is a pain is really hard though, so I’m looking for alternatives to the red mechanical pencil lead I’ve been using. I’ve seen some “erasable colored pencils” in the supermarket, which might be a worthwhile investment just to see if they work.

The other alternative I’m considering is erasable pens. I used them in elementary school, and they were horrible then, but the modern ones seem to erase decently, so I want to try them out.

But yeah, not having to erase the whole drawing (as is the case with ordinary pencil lineart) is pretty awesome.

dcomic a35


I don’t know if I ever mentioned the exploding door in Starcrossed and Reflection, but tree shadows are like my new motif.

Today’s post was going to be about the reference collection, but I actually want to make that an update itself. So nothing this week.

J283 – Hot and Cold (redux)

Today’s comic was inspired by an actual event. I was storing my milk in a friend’s fridge, and when I went to get it, I was rewarded with … milk slush. Yuk. I poured some out and defrosted it … and now the remaining milk is richer because I basically extracted the water from it (freeze distillation?).

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