d354 120715 Misuzu Kamio 2012


Another post, another redraw painting. We are going further back in time now; the original here is from 2006. This redraw was actually completed at the start of June, but stuff happened, and it just didn’t get posted ’til now. Like Fate 2012, Misuzu 2012 is drawn with ink, and colored primarily with cell-shading, though the shadow in the background is done with “traditional” painting. Next painting will be another semi-experimental (though it may be forever before it gets posted)

I recently began to try to pare down the amount of shelf space all of my eBay junk was occupying. One thing led to another, and I had the urge to do one of my approximately semi-annual reorganizations, and managed to save some space.

Over the long run, it seems like I’ve been trying to eliminate dead space by group similar containers (i.e. Lego boxes, which come in relatively standard dimensions) and move less commonly accessed material into less accessible spaces. This time I’ve tried to move more stuff into “standard boxes”, and consolidate them under the bed. This saved a surprising amount of space on the shelf given that the dimensions of the standard boxes really don’t match up nicely with the dimensions of the space under the bed (i.e. the height of the space is exactly two and a half boxes, such that we’re losing half a box of space in every two-box column).

The boxes that the office supply companies use to ship reams of paper fit much better, but I don’t know how to get those en masse.

All that being said, I want to add on to my list (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009) of setup progression pictures that I started in d263. For the longest time it was about trying to pack more and more stuff into this place, but during the last year, room iterations have moved in the opposite direction. In 2010, the only real change was the addition of that second display, but in 2011 I got rid of a desktop, and things have been going, well, away, since then.

In the last year or so, I think I’ve been able to “open up” the workspace considerably. The lowered bed helps a ton, as does the clear block of space under the table (space that used to be occupied by wires and towers); the shelving on the right is also somewhat more empty. There’s a somewhat clever thing on the side for what now passes as my fileserver; since it’s a laptop, I can now fit it in this drawer. I’m also experimenting with that square table in the foreground in place of my long-time rectangular table.

There’s one more thing to add that just happened recently. I’ve been using my Siig MiniTouch mechanical keyboard ever since I switched to the x220, and found that my Model M and PS/2 to USB adapter don’t play well with my dock, but while I love the fact that it’s compact, I hate the layout, and I had been passively looking for a replacement. It took me six months to finally decide to buy this keyboard, but I finally pulled the trigger:

This mechanical keyboard is made by Corsair, traditionally a maker of memory, but now of power supplies, solid state drives, and other computing miscellany. It’s marketed (like most mechanical keyboards these days) as a “gaming” keyboard, but what I really like about it is the fact that the keys are elevated above the chassis. What this suggests to me is that you can’t get gunk stuck under the keys, which is a huge deal for me because that is a huge pet peeve of mine. It cost about $70 – about 60% of retail – so I hope it’s worth it.

My only beef is that even though the keys are mechanical and have nice feedback, they don’t click.

The end.


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